Clinic-to-clinic communications


Streamline communications and deliver continuity of care by exchanging unlimited* digital and eFax communications with healthcare professionals outside your clinic, directly from your EMR.

Collaborate from your EMR

Share patient information and easily collaborate with healthcare professionals directly from your EMR without impacting workflows, and reduce the need for manual transcribing and scanning.

Share information easily

Send communications from your EMR to other healthcare professionals, without worrying about their clinic technology. MedDialog automatically determines the right communication delivery method: electronic or eFax.

Improve continuity of care

Facilitate overall care with patient information shared by healthcare professionals and communication history automatically stored in patient charts. Confirmations of delivery are also captured.


MedDialog in action

Simplifying collaboration among healthcare professionals

Discover how MedDialog can maintain conversation context, automatically forward incoming messages to staff members for review before being viewed by the physician, populate a chart with the latest patient demographic details and more.

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Here’s what MedDialog can do for you

Simplify clinic operations

Reduce manual transcribing, scanning or phoning by posting shared communications directly to the patient chart. You can also send and receive simultaneous eFaxes, without tying up your phone line.

Access reimbursements for eConsults

Send an eConsult right from your EMR and benefit from associated consultation reimbursements based on provincial jurisdictions. This applies to both referring and consulting physicians.

Manage operational costs

MedDialog streamlines communications with other clinics so you and your medical team can spend less time on manual processes and paperwork, helping you save both time and money.

Patient privacy

MedDialog’s digital messaging and eFax features comply with regulatory requirements.

Get more from your EMR

Patient portal

Stay connected to patients with group messaging, online appointment booking, and patient cohort broadcasting through a web-based, customizable portal.

Automated appointment reminders

Help reduce patient no-show rates and increase efficiency by sending patient’s automated reminders.


Expand the reach of MedDialog with Brightsquid

Connect with patients and non-MedDialog physicians directly using the integrated Brightsquid Secure-Mail service. Exchange electronic communications on lab results, Rx renewals and more right from your EMR using common email actions while respecting strict Canadian policies on the transmission of patient information.

Webinar: Optimize virtual care delivery with secure messaging.

Learn how using the Med Dialog-integrated secure messaging service, Brightsquid Secure-Mail, with your patients can help optimize your delivery of virtual care during the pandemic and beyond.

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*MedDialog’s standard offer. Different package options are available.


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