Save time in your clinic

Digital patient forms

Enable patients to complete forms and questionnaires online or on a mobile tablet in your clinic before their appointments. Completed forms are imported into your EMR, offering a cohesive patient record.

Robust forms library

Gain access to over 2,000 existing patient-facing forms or create and customize your own to meet the needs of your practice.

Reduce data entry

Help improve clinic efficiency with less time spent on manual data entry, filing or scanning paper forms, and minimize the possibility of transcription errors.

Linked to your EMR

Online forms completed by patients are synced with your EMR and provide helpful notes such as the reason for the patient visit or changes to medical history.

TELUS Health supports your clinic with our ever-expanding ecosystem of value-added EMR add-on services and tools. Help enhance efficiency with Pomelo by TELUS Health or with one of our partners:

Digital patient forms EMR compatibility

Med Access EMR
Medesync EMR
PS Suite EMR
Wolf EMR
Pomelo by TELUS Health
Mikata Health
Tap Medical

Webinar on-demand

Create a better patient experience

See a demo of Ocean’s self check-in kiosks, in-clinic patient tablets, and patient message and reminder features.

Enhance your with EMR add-on services

Online appointment booking

Enable patients to book and manage their appointments online, while reducing incoming call volumes.

Electronic prescription renewals

Process prescription renewal requests from pharmacists directly from your EMR, and automatically update information in both your EMR and the DSQ.

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