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Electronic prescription renewals

Processing prescription renewal requests is now easier with eRenewal, a complimentary service for physicians using a TELUS Health EMR in Québec. Save time and help reduce phone tag, faxes, manual data entry, and transcription errors by conveniently processing prescription renewals electronically.

Renew efficiently

Reduce delays for prescription renewals by easily accepting or rejecting requests in your EMR with just a few clicks.

Leverage technology

Integrated into the EMR and pharmacy management solution (PMS), physicians and pharmacists can share information to process renewals. Patient files and the DSQ are automatically updated.

Reduce administration

With fewer faxes and document scanning required, help reduce stress on your operations and accelerate your administrative processes.

How eRenewal works

  • The patient contacts the pharmacist to renew a prescription.

  • The pharmacist sends a request to the patient's physician via an encrypted message.

  • The physician receives the request in the EMR and accepts or refuses it, in whole or in part.

  • The physician sends the completed request to the Québec Health Record (DSQ) with a copy to the pharmacist.

  • The pharmacist receives the request in the PMS and prints a copy from the Québec Health Record (DSQ).

  • The pharmacist dispenses the medication to the patient.

Enhancing physician and pharmacist collaboration

Discover eRenewal

Discover how physicians and pharmacists can work together to simplify the prescription renewal process with eRenewal.

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