Bill directly from your EMR

Integrated Billing Services

Retrieve data from your EMR and send your billing directly to the RAMQ or to your agency through a convenient eForm available in your EMR.

Bill efficiently

Help save time and reduce the chance of errors with electronic selection of billing codes and automatic data transfer directly from your EMR to your billing agency or RAMQ.

Leverage technology

Simplify data entry with patient information automatically populated in eForms. Plus, help minimize administration and aid billing.

Save time

Minimize occurrences of missing billing data and other omissions in your billing submissions that can lead to possible delays in payment.

TELUS Health supports your clinic with our ever-expanding ecosystem of value-added EMR add-on services and tools.

For your billing needs, select a service offered by one of our partners that can be integrated directly with Medesync EMR solution.

Available billing solutions:

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Services offered

Submission of eForm billing data to billing agency or service provider
Billing system integrated with Medesync EMRs
Services Accessoires Fonds FMOQ

Get more from your EMR

Electronic prescription renewals

Process renewal requests from pharmacists directly from your EMR with this complimentary service.

Online appointment booking

Enable patients to book and manage their appointments online.

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