Free direct billing and referrals for Ontario

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) eServices

Enhance service for people with workplace injuries by streamlining communications with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. With the WSIB eServices you can:

Easily send bills and follow up on bill payment status online. With WSIB eServices, you can access billing services online.

Submit and receive payment for forms electronically including the form 8, form 26 and functional abilities form (FAF).

Help your patients focus on their health by using a streamlined billing approach on their behalf.


Here’s what WSIB eServices can do for you

Reduce business costs

Spend less time and money on administrative tasks. With WSIB eServices you can reduce time spent invoicing for services.

Provide injured/ill persons with more support

Help your patients focus on their recovery. Use WSIB eServices to submit bills directly to the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board.

Simplify reporting to the WSIB

Reduce the burden of paperwork associated with reporting on patient progress. Simply complete and submit reports like the Functional Abilities Form online through the WSIB eServices platform.

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