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Accessible by anyone at hourly rates or one-time fees, these services can work in conjunction with an ongoing care program or on their own, and are a great way to meet our experienced team.

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Whether you have a sore back from sitting at your desk or you’re recovering from an injury, we offer physiotherapy appointments, individualized care and effective programs to get you moving freely, and without pain.


With a comprehensive suite of genetic tests and the professionals to decipher them, we help you unlock powerful insights to make informed decisions so you can take proactive steps toward better health.

Nutrition counselling

Are you fuelling your body with the right nutrients? Our registered dietitians provide comprehensive nutrition assessments to design the best plan for you—so you can set achievable goals, manage your weight, and prevent illness & disease.


Whether you’re concerned about a pre-existing medical condition or want an advanced strength and conditioning program, our kinesiologists, working hand in hand with a family doctor and sports medicine specialist, will build a personalized plan that suits your health and fitness goals.

Chiropractic services

Chiropractic care can improve joint function, mobility and bone health. If you’re suffering from acute or chronic pain, you may need to see a chiropractor.

Mental health

Our mental health is reflected in the physical state of our body. At TELUS Health Care Centres, we offer psychological and cognitive assessments to help prevent age-related decline and keep your mental health in check.

Immigration medicals

We offer medical exams for Canadian immigration and refugee applicants. Our certified panel physicians have the expertise and resources to deliver fast and personalized care that meets all the medical requirements for your application.

Available at the Vancouver Hastings clinic only.

Additional services

Preventive Health Assessment

The Preventive Health Assessment is a healthcare professional-led, head-to-toe assessment, which includes complete evidence-based screening and diagnostic tests, in-depth medical, dietary and fitness consultations, and a personalized health report

Wellbeing Assessment

Better understand and explore opportunities to optimize your mental wellbeing and resilience. It’s fast, efficient and available whenever works best for you.

What makes us different

Customized care

We take the time to understand your needs and healthcare goals. It’s how we help support, guide, prevent illness and serious diseases, and optimize your health for vitality and longevity.

On time and unhurried

We ensure all our appointments run on time so you can get the dedicated, unhurried care you deserve. With a convenient on-site laboratory, you can even get tested without leaving the building.

Expert collaboration

As part of the TELUS Health family, we’re committed to innovation, collaboration and excellence. Each care centre is staffed by top healthcare professionals to help you through your healthcare journey.

Best-in-class technology

In addition to advanced facilities and the latest diagnostic technology, we offer 24/7 virtual care, automated appointment reminders, and online access to your healthcare information to optimize your experience.

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