Screening and testing

Meeting your demands

With advanced screening and testing capabilities, we can quickly determine whether an employee meets the physical demands of a particular job and if they can safely perform the role.

Health surveillance

Our rigorous tests give employers peace of mind and help identify any health problems that could put the employee’s health and safety at risk. By establishing essential baseline metrics, we can assess potential insurance claims and help reduce medical costs associated with injury and illness.

Protecting new hires

Our number one focus is helping your team safely perform their role with minimal risk. We also deliver customized medical protocols to suit your specific needs. Our advanced clinical skills coupled with evidence-based metrics may help increase employee productivity and safeguard against illness and injury costs.

Some pre-employment medicals we offer:

  • CAPP/OGUK medicals

  • Miners medicals

  • Canadian aviation medical examinations

  • Diving medicals

  • Marine medicals

  • Seafarers medicals

  • AODA/CUTA regulations and medicals

Travel and Immigration

We have a long history of performing expatriation/repatriation medicals, industry specific medicals, as well as travel health consultations and services nationwide. Working across various industries, we are committed to offering exemplary service and a high level of clinical excellence. We strive to ensure that all medicals and corresponding testing are completed within one visit.

All consultations are performed by either a physician or nurse who specializes in travel medicine. With up to date information about disease patterns and outbreaks, this consultation is specific for each client and the location. Client immunization history is reviewed, and the necessary vaccinations are provided. We also educate on general travel precautions and health and safety.

Services offered include:

  • Travel medical advice based on itineraries, personal risk and underlying health issues

  • Personal advice on injury and infection prevention

  • Routine required, recommended vaccinations and prescriptions for malaria prevention and self-treatment of traveler’s diarrhea

  • Travel health product recommendations

  • Designated yellow fever vaccination centres

Explore our other capabilities

Employee wellness

Keep your workforce functioning to the best of their abilities with our prevention-focused wellness services. From assessments to education and action, a healthy workplace culture starts here.

Injury and disability

Trusted by clients for decades, we have the experience to help organizations prepare for, manage and provide immediate and on-going care should injuries or disabilities arise.

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