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Need urgent or emergency care? Crisis text line: 741‑741 Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1‑833‑456‑4566 Emergencies: 911

Mental health

Personalized peace of mind

We offer an integrated, holistic approach to mental health, combining best-in-class services all under one roof. No matter what stage of life or treatment you’re in, our friendly team of specialists is ready to help.

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Around 1 in 5 Canadians struggle with mental health issues, but many don’t have access to the right treatment. We’ve designed our services to eliminate long wait lists and barriers. Our experienced multidisciplinary team is ready to help you find the right fit, the right plan and the right person to match your needs.

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Our services

Whether you’re looking for a custom recovery program or you just want one session, we have all the care you need under one roof.

Programs for mild to moderate stress

Our holistic, interdisciplinary programs are designed to help you build resilience, manage life stressors and challenges, and achieve better overall mental health.

Programs for moderate to severe stress

If you’re struggling with moderate or extreme stress, our team can offer specialized care or guide you through any intensive treatment you may need.

Mini wellness check-up

Not sure what program you need? The mini wellness check-up provides you with a brief assessment of your overall mental health. It’s a great way to meet our team and experience the level of service we offer.

Managing depression

We understand depression and offer pioneering treatments including SPRAVATO® (esketamine), a nasal spray used to treat adults with major depressive disorder.

Living with anxiety

This program combines psychopharmacological care, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, and other interdisciplinary approaches to help ease your anxiety.

Meditation and mindfulness

Our mindfulness programs use principles from Buddhism to change your relationship with stress, emotions and pain, helping you to be fully in the present moment.

Children and youth

Have an anxious teen or a child who’s being bullied? From resilience building to self-care, we offer a range of services to assist families coping with stress.

Life and relationships

Whether you’re looking for personal, relationship or family therapy, we can help guide you through every stage of life, including health changes, separation and other life stressors.

Services for the elderly

If you or a loved one are dealing with aging, grief and loss, health or pain issues, care planning worries or other life transitions, we're here to help.

One-off sessions with our specialists

Accessible by anyone at hourly rates or one-time fees, we have a range of specialist services to help you navigate any specific concerns you may have.

  • Psychologists

  • Social workers

  • Case managers

  • Registered counsellors

  • Psychopharmacological specialists

  • Clinical exercise physiologists

  • Dietitians

Why people trust our team

We treat mental health with the same importance as physical health. As part of the TELUS Health family, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible care. Here are just some of the ways we’ve reinvented the patient journey for the better.

A dedicated team of specialists

When you join a program, you don’t just get one doctor—you get access to a team of psychologists, counsellors, social workers, clinical exercise physiologists and other top specialists without having to leave the care centre.

Faster access

Why wait any longer than you have to? We provide faster access to programs that often take months to join, so you can get the personalized care you deserve.

Ground-breaking care

Our specialists actively leverage the latest research into our services. With advanced facilities and new evidence-based treatments, we provide a collaborative team approach to address mental health concerns.

Our proven 3 step process

1: Initial assessment

We start with a video chat, phone call or email consultation to get to know you better. Whatever your preference, our approachable team is standing by to help.

2: Personalized care

We find the right specialist or service and create a custom plan for you. We’ll help you navigate the process and answer any questions you may have.

3: Timely treatment

Consistent care is key. From regular follow-up appointments to group sessions and drop-in classes, we make sure you have all the tools to stay mentally strong.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to enroll, want more information or would like to visit one of our care centres, we can help.

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