Workplace wellbeing made easy.

We’re committed to building the healthiest workplaces on the planet. That’s why we offer employers a range of services and tools that can help keep their team healthy, happy and productive.

A thriving organization begins with a healthy workforce.

End-to-end wellbeing.

From virtual and in-person mental and physical care to financial planning seminars for employees and cost-saving strategies for employers, our focus is your wellbeing.

Expand your benefits.

Our multidisciplinary team delivers a customized experience that helps your employees get the care they need, when and how they need it.

Help attract and retain talent.

By prioritizing wellbeing, organizations can foster a positive culture and build a strong value proposition to help recruit or retain talent.

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Complete care for every employee.

Our services and tools help support the mental, physical, and financial health of organizations and their employees.

Effect change in your workplace.

We believe everyone should have access to high-quality, evidence-based mental health support. That’s why we’ve designed our solutions to be accessible to employees from wherever they are in Canada.

Care that goes above and beyond.

Whether virtually or in person, our network of health professionals are ready to make every individual feel welcome, wherever and whenever.

Helping employees get back to work sustainably.

We provide support for employees to get back to work after an illness or injury while offering services to employers to help reduce the cost of absenteeism.

Because every industry and workforce is unique.

Our consultants take a top-down, data-driven and tailored approach to help organizations when, where and how they need it.

Build a resilient workplace culture.

From equipping the leaders of tomorrow to helping your organization become adaptive and agile, we have the knowledge, tools and programs to help you and your employees prepare for what’s next.

Freeing your HR teams to do more.

As an extension of your team, we can analyze and administer cost-effective benefits plans and provide as much support as your organization needs.

Easy, personalized solutions in a complex wellbeing environment

Whether you need one solution or several, we can personalize a package that fits your needs today and can scale as your needs grow.

The benefits of employee benefits.

Building the right health and wellbeing program for your organization can help improve productivity, engagement and retention. Our virtual and in-person services are designed to offer employees convenient and comprehensive access to care that supports their overall wellbeing.

HR and benefits managers.

Equip your employees with flexible, confidential access to care for themselves and their immediate family members with:
Online access to benefits enrolment.
Virtual, in-person and on-site care support.
Access to a dedicated team of product experts to answer your questions.

Business owners.

Help keep your employees happy and healthy to support productivity and help increase retention of your workforce.
Help attract and retain top talent with a personalized healthcare experience.
Support a productive and resilient workforce by giving them direct access to healthcare professionals.
Enable a more preventative approach to healthcare by helping employees improve their work/life balance.

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Our latest employer insights.

How is the mental health of your workforce?

Our Mental Health Index surveys 16,000 workers across the globe on their mental health status to help you better support your people.

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