Benefits for employees and their families

Supporting the health and wellbeing of your employees.

We’re committed to building the healthiest workplaces on the planet. That’s why we offer employers a range of services and tools that can help keep their team healthy, happy and productive.
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A thriving organization begins with a healthy workforce.

Expand your benefits.

Our multidisciplinary team delivers a customized experience that helps your employees get the care they need, when and how they need it.

Customize your care plan.

Build a comprehensive benefits plan for your workforce to address your team's specific needs.

Help attract and retain talent.

77% of employees would consider changing jobs for better wellbeing support. By prioritizing wellbeing, organizations can foster a positive culture and build a strong value proposition to recruit or retain talents.

Healthcare for your team.

Our digitally-enabled suite of services provide safe, convenient and reliable access to physical and mental health care.
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Continuous mental health support

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Flexible mental health support for employees and their families. With access to mental, physical and financial health specialists, as well as personalized care plans with Total Mental Health, your employees can receive support when and how they need it, helping you build a more resilient and productive workforce.

a person sitting on a couch using a laptop to access virtual healthcare services

Healthcare – anytime, anywhere

Virtual Care

With 24/7 access to virtual care, your employees and their immediate family members can connect directly with healthcare professionals by encrypted text and video, from anywhere in Canada. Many consultations are resolved without the need for an in-person visit, helping employees receive care when they need it and helping increase productivity.
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Holistic health and wellbeing solutions


Our interactive solution helps employees develop and maintain healthy lifestyle habits which can lead to healthier and more engaged teams. Powered by machine-learning, TELUS Health Wellbeing can increase the sense of community within your organization while helping reduce your employees’ risk of chronic disease.
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financial wellbeing

Retirement and benefit administration

We deliver innovative, sustainable and flexible solutions that help improve the financial health and wellbeing of organizations and their employees.
a man speaking with his doctor while sitting on an exam table at a TELUS Health Care Centre clinic

Corporate care and occupational health

Care Centres

Executives can visit our clinics across Canada in-person for preventive health assessments and personalized support that help identify and mitigate health risks. Our virtual and on-site health services also support access to physical and mental health care in a variety of environments, supporting a more productive workforce.
a woman using her cell phone to access self-guided therapy programs

Self-guided mental health support

Digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (dCBT)

A series of self-guided therapy modules designed to support employee mental health and wellbeing. By offering these programs in a digital, self-serve mode that is convenient for users, employees can go through the modules at their own pace. Topics include anxiety, depression, return to work, and more.
a woman receives her virtual pharmacy prescription delivery

Medication delivery and management

Virtual Pharmacy

While TELUS Health helps employers build a more sustainable drug benefit plans that support employee health while managing costs, our Virtual Pharmacy offers the convenience expected by employees by allowing them to consult with a pharmacist virtually and to order their medication online and have it securely delivered to them.

Did you know?


Of employees who remained with their current organization did so because of the benefits offered2


More engagement from employees who have comprehensive benefits compared to those who don’t3


Of companies that implement wellness programs saw an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction.4

Also available to employers.

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Online benefits enrolment and management


Our web-based solution makes benefits enrolment and administration easy for you and your team by providing employees with convenient and comprehensive access to their benefits plans.
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Mental health for frontline workers


Espri is a mobile app that enables organizations to support employees with targeted mental health resources. It provides a unique combination of tools to support prevention and help build team resilience.

Not sure where to begin?

Consult the Employers' Guide to learn how our health and wellbeing services can support the holistic health and productivity of your organization.

Let’s improve access to care for your employees and their families.

Building the right health and wellbeing program for your organization can help improve productivity, engagement and retention. Our virtual and in-person care services are designed to offer employees a convenient and holistic approach to healthcare.

HR and benefits managers

Equip your employees with flexible, confidential access to care for themselves and their families with:
Online access to benefits enrolment
Virtual, in-person and on-site care support
Access to a dedicated team of product experts to answer your questions

Business Owners

Keep your employees happy and healthy to support productivity and help increase retention of your workforce.
Help attract and retain top talent with a personalized healthcare experience
Support a more productive and resilient workforce by giving them direct access to healthcare professionals
Enable a more preventive approach to healthcare by helping employees improve their work/life balance.

Innovative health solutions

Helping build healthier communities.

TELUS Health is committed to harnessing the power of technology and human connection to give employers the right tools to help keep their employees healthy, productive and engaged, all while helping attract and retain talent.

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