Need urgent or emergency care?

Crisis text line: 741‑741

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1‑833‑456‑4566

Emergencies: 911

Need urgent or emergency care? Crisis text line: 741‑741 Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1‑833‑456‑4566 Emergencies: 911

Exciting news

We’re open for business and open for you

Our Mental Health Centre of Medical Excellence is now open and accepting new patients.

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Our commitment to you

No matter what stage of life or treatment you’re in, our experienced multidisciplinary team is ready to help you find the right fit, the right plan and the right person to match your needs.

  • Best-in-class services for kids, adults and families

  • Friendly, approachable professionals

  • Faster access to care and programs

  • Virtual and in-person sessions

  • Covered by most extended medical benefits

Treatment and services

Whether you’re looking for treatment, programs or support groups, we can tailor our services to meet your mental healthcare needs.

Individual treatment

We offer a wide range of treatments and programs to help cope with stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, grief and loss, chronic pain, substance issues and more. If you’re looking for support, we have someone who can help.

Couples and family support

Whether you need support with parenting, relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss or anything in between, we actively work with couples and families to personalize strategies, programs and treatments.

Child and youth programs

We specialize in evidence-based assessments, treatments and programs for children and teens. From parenting courses to neuropsych and psychological assessments, to ADHD, counselling and DBT skills for anxious kids, we cover all this and more.

Mini wellness check-up

Not sure what program you need? The mini wellness check-up provides you with a brief assessment of your overall mental health. It’s a great way to meet our team and experience the level of service we offer.

Personalized mental health packages

Our Cope 10 and Cope 20 packages allow you to access a combination of services. Personalized to your needs, GPs, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, dietitians, clinical exercise physiologists and mindfulness and meditation specialists are all available.

Neuropsychology services

We provide a range of services for adults including neuropsych and psychoeducational assessments and support for clients with brain injury, dementia, learning problems and other neurological conditions.


Suffering from moderate to severe depression? We offer a variety of cutting-edge treatments including rTMS, tCDS and Esketamine. Our team is more than happy to talk though options to ensure it’s right for you.

Life transition programs

We offer a variety of 4-6 week virtual group sessions for individuals experiencing grief and loss, postpartum and support for caregivers.

Stress support group

Spend 4 weeks caring for your mind and body through difficult times. Through virtual group sessions we’ll tackle topics including how to cope with COVID-19 and other life stressors.

Managing pain/health issues

This 4-week multi-disciplinary program for adults combines the skills of a GP, psychologist and counsellor. If you’re suffering from chronic pain or on-going health issues, we help you cope.

Mindfulness and meditation

Our 4-week virtual program for beginners focuses on breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques to improve stress management skills and resiliency. 10-week intermediate program coming soon.

Intuitive eating program

Practiced through a Health at Every Size framework, this 10-week virtual program’s goal is to help reduce weight cycling and improve overall health and quality of life.

Sleep programs

We offer a variety of programs and treatments including CBT for sleep, neurofeedback for sleep enhancement and mindfulness and meditation for sleep.

One-off sessions with our specialists

Accessible by anyone at hourly rates or one-time fees, we have a range of specialist services to help you navigate any specific concerns you may have.

  • GPs

  • Psychologists

  • Psychiatric nurses

  • Psychopharmacological specialists

  • Registered counsellors

  • Clinical exercise physiologists

  • Dietitians

  • Social workers

  • Case managers

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to enroll, want more information or would like to visit one of our care centres, we can help.


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