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About TELUS Health

Why is TELUS in health? Because we believe in the power of technology to create better health experiences for Canadians. Connecting health teams, streamlining workflows, and empowering patients to manage their health are just some of the ways our digital solutions promote collaboration and efficiency.

Fast facts

Trailblazers in Canadian healthcare

For over a decade, we’ve been committed to providing solutions to connect Canada’s healthcare industry. With our dedication to developing innovative solutions, we’re future-proofing healthcare.

Technology is an important part of our DNA

We leverage our digital expertise, our robust infrastructure and our solid network to offer technology that evolves to meet many of the needs of the healthcare ecosystem.

Collaboration is the name of the game

For us, collaboration is both the way we work and the end goal. Our solutions help enable connections between healthcare providers and their patients. We also work closely with partners to help enhance collaboration within the health community, all to benefit the patient.

We are committed to transforming health experiences - with care

We believe in the power of technology to create better health experiences for Canadians.

5 ways we transform healthcare experience and delivery

We’re evolving in a new era of healthcare, from enhanced patient experience and medication management to 24/7 access to care and mental health support. We’re aiming to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and make a positive difference in 5 key areas.

Chronic disease management

Our Electronic Medical Records and clinical information systems support health professionals in care and chronic disease management. Patients can also manage their health information through our Home Health Monitoring program and Personal Health Records.

Medication management

Our solutions for pharmacists and insurers, as well as those for patients, support medication management nationally. From electronic prescriptions to online medication management and virtual pharmacy, we connect patients and care teams digitally.

Wait times and access to care

We strive to provide solutions that help health authorities and clinics reduce wait times by streamlining processes, and offer patient solutions like on-demand virtual care to help increase access to care.

Focus on prevention and patient self-management

We believe in giving patients the tools they need to be proactive about their physical and mental wellness. Our suite of online tools allows patients to access information about lifestyle choices, medication, chronic conditions and more.

Commitment to improving performance

Being involved in every step of the care journey, we strive to improve the performance of healthcare services by fostering collaboration across sectors. Our technology connects members of the healthcare ecosystem, from physicians to insurers.

Our story by the numbers


lives covered by virtual care, health benefits management, personal health and preventive care services.


Canadians covered by TELUS Health benefit management solutions

Our team’s dedication to innovation

Bringing innovation to our healthcare system is a team sport. With over 2,900 dedicated team members and several key partners, we're joining forces to develop technology through everyday innovation.

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Bringing healthcare to our streets

Vulnerable members of our communities struggle for adequate access to healthcare. TELUS Mobile Health Clinics leverage our healthcare technology and compassion to bring medical care directly to people in need. See how the Kilala Lelum Mobile Health Clinic, powered by TELUS Health, is changing lives in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.