Respecting privacy is core to how we carry out all of our business activities. We take very seriously our commitment to build safeguards for privacy into every one of our products and services. We know privacy matters to you and that is why it matters to us.

Our commitments to protecting your privacy are reflected in a variety of resources.


If you would like to learn more about our privacy commitments to our business customers, including customers who are enterprises, businesses, corporations, or other organizations, please refer to our TELUS Health and Payment Solutions Business Customer Privacy Policy.

Click here for a pdf of this policy


Review our Privacy Statement for TELUS health space

To review our Privacy Impact Assessment for TELUS health space, please write us at


A vital part of our commitment to privacy is to be transparent with you about the ways we protect your privacy. We want you to know just how robust our framework for managing privacy is, so, we are pleased to share the framework for our core Privacy Management Program with you.

Click here for a pdf of our Privacy Management Program Framework

For more information about your privacy, write us at