Embodying our vision and values

TELUS Health leadership team

With an experienced leadership team at the wheel, we are providing technology to patients and healthcare providers all across Canada. Our executive team’s passion and their dedication to leading our effective and engaged team fuel our commitment to creating better health outcomes for Canadians.

Chief Operating Officer, TELUS Health

Michael Dingle

Michael leads TELUS Health operations and is laser focused on delivering world-leading, transformative health solutions that improve health outcomes and access to care across Canada, and on a global basis.

Vice-president, Health Benefits Management (HBM), TELUS Business Solutions

Martin Belanger

With close to 20 years of experience, Martin is a proven leader in workplace benefits & insurance management sectors, who is focused on leveraging technology and innovation in the benefits and PBM space to better serve our clients.

Vice-president and Chief Technology Officer, TELUS Health

Steve Fast

Steve brings over 25 years of technology leadership to support a team of professionals across cloud and data centre architecture, software development, operations, security, solutions architecture, and UX.

Vice President, TELUS Health Care Centres, Occupational Health & Pharmacy

Sonya Lockyer

Having spent the past 20 years working with some of Canada’s leading private and public healthcare organizations, Sonya is a proven leader in the healthcare sector who is focused on empowering teams and driving cultural transformation.

Vice-president, Virtual Care

Daniel Martz

Daniel leads the team responsible for TELUS Health Virtual Care in their mission to make healthcare more accessible for all Canadians.

Chief Medical Advisor at TELUS

Dr. Dominik Nowak

Dr. Nowak bridges disciplines with health, community, and business leaders toward a health system that is more kind, caring, and careful.

Chief Medical Informatics Officer and Vice-president, Collaborative Health

Dr. Damon Ramsey

Dr. Ramsey leads the team responsible for bringing to market digital health innovation and forward-thinking technology that fosters collaboration, where privacy and security are built in by design.

Vice-president, Consumer Health

Juggy Sihota

Juggy leads the national strategy, execution and operation of the Consumer Health business for TELUS.