Priority communication for first responders and critical infrastructure teams


In a critical situation, the speed and accuracy of communication can make all the difference. Get the best tools to keep your community safe and provide instant response during a crisis or disruption.

Key benefits

  • Fast and responsive group communication

  • Broadband connectivity

  • Priority access, always, over our regular users

  • Integration between different technologies and platforms

  • Ability to bundle solutions

How TELUS supports first responders

Network excellence

Get priority access to the largest and fastest broadband mobile network in Canada

Public safety and critical infrastructure expertise

Keep your community safe with tools developed by our partners at Public Safety Canada and leading North American providers

Security and reliability

Connect teams effectively through a reliable and secure network

Solutions to deliver an effective response

Mission Critical Instant Communication

Mission Critical Push-to-X

Connect with your team at the push of a button. MCPTX  gives you instant communication on your smartphone, no matter where you are, or how many people you need to reach. 

  • TELUS MCPTX empowers the first-in-Canada, global standards-based, mission critical communications infrastructure, enabling improved public safety outcomes. Learn more.

  • MCPTX reserves bandwidth with minimal latency for Mission Critical Communications through prioritized and pre-emptive network access.

  • Beyond voice: video, high-quality images, data and location can be shared in real time for better situational awareness and immediate response among thousands of devices

  • Next Generation smartphones, optimized for Mission Critical performance

Priority for first responders and critical infrastructure teams

Public Safety Priority Service (PSPS)

Through our powerful, secure mobile network, PSPS is transforming emergency responders communications, providing:

  • Prioritized access over commercial and consumer mobile traffic

  • Access to data-rich applications, photos, videos and reports on smartphones and tablets

  • Interaction with applications such as live GPS tracking, group messaging and alerts, all with end-to-end secure encryption

  • Optimized user experience when combined with communication and monitoring apps (including push-to-talk, video and live maps)

Crisis Management

BlackBerry AtHoc

Quickly communicate a consistent message across multiple channels and delivery devices (customizable messaging per device), all integrated using the IP network. BlackBerry AtHoc provides:

  • End-to-end management of a group (keeping track of every individual and task)

  • Real-time visibility into the safety of personnel (including emergency mass notification, collaboration across organizations, and situational awareness)

Mass Messaging


Discover the advantage of mass messaging with Komutel. Today’s mass messaging solutions are simple and powerful, and let companies reach their target audience with personalized custom messages, allowing them to:

  • Easily send important messages or alerts to large numbers of people

  • Send messages through a number of various channels: SMS, MMS, voice calls, faxes and emails

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