TELUS Smart Cities

TELUS Smart Cities comes to Drayton Valley

Showcasing TELUS’ new technologies that promote safer, smarter and sustainable communities, while improving life for citizens.

What is Drayton Valley Smart City Project?

In partnership with the Town of Drayton Valley, AB, TELUS is launching its first-ever Smart Cities pilot project. TELUS invested in the town’s PureFibre network upgrade, making it one of the most connected communities in Canada.

TELUS is committed to building flourishing communities for business owners and citizens. Leveraging our world-class fibre network, we will bring new technologies to create friendlier and safer communities.

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Benefits for Drayton Valley

Safe and secure community

Using technology to help reduce crime, identify incidents and aid investigations, allowing citizens to have peace of mind living.

Improved town planning

Ability to oversee traffic and pedestrian flow and plan for infrastructure improvement to create convenience for citizens.

Community engagement

Continuing to engage, inform and empower the community through technology.


TELUS Smart Neighbourhoods & Business Spaces

Local businesses have been approached to participate and test the new technologies and assist in a neighbourhood watch concept.

In addition to safer neighbourhoods, businesses will benefit through safety and security of staff, inventory and premises.


TELUS Smart Traffic Management & Smart Community Cameras

The Town of Drayton Valley and TELUS have selected 5 intersections and 5 public spaces (such as parks and community centers) where cameras and/or sensors will be installed.

Upon request, the information gathered from these locations can be shared with the RCMP, to assist in criminal investigations.

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