Smarter traffic data for smarter city planning.

Optimize traffic, manage signals and measure safety in real-time with intelligent traffic analytics.

Internet of Things

Smart Traffic Solutions (STS)


Harness real-time traffic and signal analytics that help optimize vehicle flow, coordinate safety measures and improve roadway infrastructure planning. 

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Key features

  • Manage intersection signals, remotely

  • Identify potential safety issues with video analytics

  • View recorded footage to verify traffic events

How TELUS IoT supports your city

Optimize intersection traffic

Monitor traffic, signals, construction and emergencies to help make more informed decisions in real-time.

Customize data & value safety

Configure the data you need to tackle important intersection and city challenges, especially public and worker safety.

Trust our network and experts

Connect to Canada’s largest 4G LTE and IoT purpose-built LTE-M networks, along with our 13+ years of IoT experience.

Step into a smart city

Digitize your city with Smart Traffic Solutions for deeper insights to help your teams make smarter decisions.

Improve your city with smarter traffic data

Smarter management

Monitor and manage intersection signals remotely, to solve congestion and safety threats before they escalate.

  • Automate real-time alerts to notify your team of vehicle and pedestrian events or traffic light malfunctions.

  • Monitor live traffic data from a comprehensive dashboard available for traffic teams to analyze remotely.

Traffic insights

Leverage Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMS) to identify and address traffic performance issues, improving travel times and reducing congestion.

  • Identify recurring traffic issues and create proactive measures that restore safety to those roads and intersections.

  • Evaluate peak times for traffic flow to better coordinate public transit, construction and emergency response.

Traffic video analytics

Improve traffic with SmartView cameras which record road and walking patterns, calculating precise, continuous counts by classifying vehicle types and their turning movements.

  • Install always-on traffic systems to collect accurate intersection data and forgo temporary equipment which impedes traffic with construction.

  • Record verifiable video to playback events for safety and efficiency reviews, which are stored on a cloud server.

Connect your city

Lay the foundation with Vehicle-to-Intersection (V2I) technology using the world’s most advanced traffic AI – TrafficLink open architecture – to phase you into a smart city.

  • Activate easy-to-build pilot projects to customize it to your operations and data needs to evaluate a return on investment.

  • Assess the need to widen roads and add more traffic lights or crosswalks when planning new developments.

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"Within 4 weeks, we were able to identify the cause of poor traffic, implement a solution and measure the impact... all from an easy-to-use web portal."

Heidi Schlegl — Manager, Traffic Operations

Town of Milton

Building a smarter city

STS provides valuable support when building a smarter city. The resources below showcase the importance of IoT and its contributions to your operations.

Solving traffic problems remotely

Traffic teams can better address challenges by using STS to gain timely traffic insight – noted by our partner, Miovision.

IoT possibilities with Lower Power, Wide Area networks

Learn how LPWA, our dedicated LTE-M IoT network, can transform your operations and the possibilities beyond, like 5G.

Solutions to build a smarter city

IoT Municipality

Digitize your city by implementing fleet solutions, worker safety tech and sensor networks to deliver real-time insights for a leaner and safer operation.

Low Power Wide Area

TELUS’ LTE-M network delivers a strong wireless signal while requiring minimal power for each transmission, prolonging the battery life of connected devices.

Connectivity Management

TELUS Control Centre by Cisco Jasper is the automated connectivity management platform that enables you to take control of your IoT devices.

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