Connect and protect your workers

Ensure worker safety and optimize productivity with a custom suite of IoT solutions.

Connected Worker Solutions


Improve safety and productivity with automated processes that analyze workers and assets in real-time. Keep remote workers close and office workers distanced with digital IoT solutions.

Key features

  • Ensure physical distancing with a range of solutions

  • Oversee real-time data on asset health and performance

  • Automate and digitize field workflows and processes

How TELUS supports your workers

Prioritize safety and efficiency

Maintain worker safety and avoid downtime with access control, contact tracing and real-time data collection.

Customize and deploy easily

Choose the solutions that fit your business needs and budgets to protect your workers and assets now and in the future.

Leverage analytics

Gain visibility and valuable insights with access to backend dashboards to guide better-informed business decisions.

Trust our network and experts

Connect to Canada’s largest 4G LTE, 5G and IoT purpose-built LTE-M networks, along with our 13+ years of IoT experience.

Improve your work environments and bottom line

Contact tracing solutions

Specifically designed to empower businesses to manage employee safety, these critical tools will support your operations when challenged by infectious diseases.

  • Prevent spread with digital pre-screening and keep workers at a safe distance with real-time proximity alerts using simple, enterprise-ready solutions.

  • Avoid costly closures and delays that impact business commitments and bottom line with secure, efficient and accurate contact tracing.

Worker safety & impairment testing

Reduce safety risks and ensure work is being performed accurately by tracking the location and status of remote workers or by implementing a non-invasive, cognitive assessment test.

  • Improve response times when issues arise with real-time data and location information.

  • Detect fatigue, illicit drug or prescription use, alcohol and stress with a quick test, requiring only 60-90 seconds to complete.

Digital forms

Automate and simplify the gathering of important data in the field to reduce errors and allow employees to spend less time on paperwork and more time on completing their tasks.

  • Share results with the office instantaneously, all via a mobile device.

  • Easily customize digital forms and control all aspects of mobile data collection including the ability to capture photos, sketches, GPS/time stamps, and more.

Journey management

Keep remote workers connected to the office in real-time by enabling the digital transfer of current, accurate and secure trip information.

  • Analyze and monitor the status of a journey from end to end with a backend dashboard.

  • Identify potential threats throughout the journey and provide a detailed record of every trip.

Site access & security

Act quickly when unauthorized activity is detected with IoT connected barriers, geofencing and CCTV technologies.

  • Draw virtual borders around the zone of interest on a web map and enable 24/7 remote monitoring.

  • Set automatic notifications to be sent once vehicles cross over the virtual boundaries.

Vehicle and asset management

Increase productivity and make better-informed decisions on usage, maintenance and scheduling with full visibility into the location and status of important resources.

  • Get real-time updates with built-in GPS, humidity and impact sensors that provide valuable data on the location, movement and condition of assets on one screen.

  • Reduce the risk of asset loss or theft with real-time location data.

Smart building solutions

Create a built environment that's optimized for workplace experience, empowering owners and employers to keep employees connected and safe.

  • Get real-time visibility and control of a building’s end-to-end operations and create smart, flexible and responsive workspaces.

  • Instantly notify employees of any important building announcements or policy changes.

Looking to protect your workplace with IoT solutions?

Speak to a TELUS IoT consultant today to learn more about how you can protect your workers and your bottom line with a suite of digital IoT solutions customized to your needs.

Power behind TELUS IoT

TELUS 5G is connecting Canadian for good

Next-generation 5G networks will fuel Canadian innovation with new IoT applications and emerging technologies. Learn how TELUS 5G will make our lives easier, safer and healthier through increased speeds, reliability and capacity. 

Proven solutions ready for you to build on

Built exclusively for IoT and backed by IoT experts, TELUS’ network enables you to customize and quickly launch what you need to succeed. Your solution never has to compete with consumer mobile traffic – just one of the benefits our dedicated IoT network delivers.

IoT possibilities with Lower Power, Wide Area networks

IoT Municipality

From fleet management to public and worker safety, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions deliver insights to deploy leaner and safer operations.

IoT Construction

Internet of Things (IoT) helps you monitor assets, equipment and worker location, resource use, vehicle utilization, project progress and more in real-time.

Connectivity Management

TELUS Control Centre by Cisco Jasper is the automated connectivity management platform that enables you to take control of your IoT devices.

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