Coordinate effectively with push-to-talk communication

With enhanced voice quality and security at the core, ESChat allows your team to stay connected and quickly exchange information.

Internet of Things

Enterprise Secure Chat


Since communication is important to coordinating as a team, TELUS partnered with the leading solution in North America to provide fast and reliable Push-to-Talk communication.

Key features

  • Fast group communication

  • Unlimited PTT

  • Live location

How TELUS and ESChat can support your team

More efficient than a phone call

PTT truly provides the fastest and most efficient channel for teams to communicate.

Group calling and messaging

ESChat offers 8 different group presets, and you can directly connect with peers nearby by creating groups on the go.

Real-time location tracking

With location-based groups, you can easily track your team and instantly connect with the nearest peers.

Flexibility and interoperability

ESChat works with Android, iOS and PC and it can also integrate with an existing radio/P25 setup or third-party console.

Main features provided by ESChat

Secure End-to-End Encryption

Born as a military-grade solution, ESChat deploys full AES-256 encryption for voice and messaging.

  • A safe channel for your communication. With full End-to-End encryption, every communication stays private

  • Launched in 2007 for Military contractors, ESChat is now the solution of choice for Law Enforcement, Life Safety, Transportation and Hospitality sectors

Live GPS Location Tracking

ESChat supports real-time Live Location Mapping. Administrators can configure all Smartphones on a device by device basis, so maps are visible only on select devices.

  • Keep track of your team and create groups on-the-go based on live location to connect with the nearest peers

  • Track and monitor users’ locations for up to 6 months with the optional “bread crumbs” add-on

Extensive cross-platform support

ESChat can support a broad range of devices, including Android (4.4 and up), iOS (9.0 and up) and Windows (XP, Win7, Win8, Win10).

  • ESChat can be downloaded on both smartphones and tablets. A PC client complete with dispatching features is available for Windows PCs

  • Easily access, manage and customize all settings through a dedicated Web Admin portal

Customization and interoperability

ESChat is a complete solution that allows for integration, interoperability and support for existing setups and 3rd party solutions

  • Full interoperability with existing Land Mobile Radio setups, thanks to RoIP gateways or ISSI channel implementation 

  • Supports third party consoles for advanced dispatch features, as well as recording based on SipRec protocol

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