Protect your property with commercial security

TELUS Commercial Security keep your business safe with 24/7 ULC certified monitoring, identity management, intrusion detection and video surveillance.

How TELUS keeps your business protected

Intrusion and fire monitoring

Get notified instantly via text or email of any unusual or unwanted activity occurring around or inside your business.

Video surveillance

Protect your business with 24/7 monitoring and real-time HD video surveillance, viewable from a mobile security app.

Access control

Secure assets and critical information; control who has access and track when someone enters or leaves your business.

Centralized management

Manage and control your security system across single or multiple locations using a centralized platform, and benefit from video analytics and intelligence.

Explore your business security options

Not sure what security solution is best for your business? Review our Commercial Security solutions to find what best fits your needs.

  • Unified end-to-end enterprise solutions

  • Fully integrated centralized platform

  • Multi-site monitoring coast-to-coast

  • Available for apartment buildings with over 1,000 units

Discover your roadmap to a safer, more secure business environment.

Credit unions and financial institutions

Secure your premises with best-in-class monitoring systems to protect against theft and robbery, while enhancing the safety of your employees and customers.

  • Protect your customers’ investments with vault and duress protection, height strip cameras, silent panic alerts, and video surveillance.

  • Enhance employee and customer safety with panic systems and surveillance, with the option to store video footage off-premise with cloud storage.

  • Ensure Payment Card Industry (PCI) and fire safety compliance with video surveillance and recording, as well as ULC fire monitoring.


Protect patients and staff with innovative security solutions. Increase the efficiency of your building to ensure patients receive support in a timely manner.

  • Enhance the security of emergency rooms and drug storage locations with panic systems and card access controls.

  • Keep public areas, parkades, and shipping areas safe with video surveillance, thermal imaging and analytics.

  • Improve patient comfort while increasing the efficiency of your building with smart lighting, outlets and temperature controls.

Transportation and logistics

Keep your operations secure and running efficiently with solutions that simplify tenant management, improve employee safety, and protect inventory.

  • Manage multiple tenants with remote access control and documentation of driver and trailer arrivals.

  • Enhance the safety of employees and drivers with scheduled card access, vehicle gates, hardwired intercoms, and video surveillance.

  • Ensure regulatory, insurance, and union compliance with ULC certified monitoring.

Property management

Oversee multiple properties remotely, observe high traffic areas, and use automated sensors for proactive maintenance and efficiencies, all via an easy to use property management dashboard.

  • Improve tenant or guest experience by remotely granting them access to certain areas of the property without having to be physically present.

  • Create a safe environment for high-traffic areas with proactive fire, smoke, temperature and water detection.

  • Make tenant safety a priority with video surveillance of public areas and card access to gyms, pools, and parkades.

National presence, localized for your business

TELUS Commercial Security offers the highest standards in ULC security monitoring with an average response time of less than 30 seconds.

Looking for more security and automation options?


Our cybersecurity solutions empower your business to operate with confidence, knowing you have the 24/7 protection you need.

Smart Building

Use technology and automation to create safe, sustainable, connected communities. Enhance the lives of residents and improve efficiencies with a custom solution.

TELUS Secure Business

TELUS Secure Business offers a physical security system for small businesses. Includes access to an intuitive mobile application and 24/7 monitoring.

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