CRTC has mandated Universal Call Blocking to help prevent nuisance calls from customers.

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Voice Networks

SIP Trunking

TELUS SIP Trunking provides the reliability, security and cost savings that businesses require by integrating voice and data services over one connection delivered to the phone system of your choice.

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How SIP Trunking helps manage your voice network

Reduced costs

Reduce network overhead with a single converged voice and data connection with reduced management costs.

Enhanced business continuity

Improve your business continuity plan with added redundancy and failover.

Enterprise-grade security

Protect your communications using a TELUS QoS-enabled private network or secure encryption over the internet.

Growth and scalability

Power multiple locations and adjust with changes in the nature and volume of your business.

TELUS SIP Trunking offers enhanced networking features

Canada-wide SIP Trunking optimizes network capacity across all locations by enabling businesses to leverage enterprise-level trunking resources to meet peak traffic requirements at each location.

TELUS SIP Trunking features

Burstable SIP Trunks

Bursting allows users to confidently handle spikes in call volume, while only purchasing the sessions you need.

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Explore more TELUS Business services

Group of coworkers integrating SIP Trunking into Microsoft 365 with TELUS Direct Routing

Microsoft 365

Integrate SIP Trunking into Microsoft 365 with TELUS Direct Routing, allowing your business to unlock the benefits of seamless, external communication.

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TELUS Networks

Enhance your TELUS SIP Trunking service by delivering it over a TELUS Network. Select from a variety of reliable custom network solutions tailored to your business needs.

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