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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) enables organizations to securely manage their mobile devices as well as the applications and content on them. 

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) allows businesses to securely manage their mobile devices. Organizations moving applications to the cloud must adopt mobile security and device management tools.

Secure your data

Secure the corporate data on your fleet of corporate or BYO devices

Protect your devices

Ensure your workforce is using their corporate devices the way you intend them to be used

Work with experts

Leverage TELUS partner relationships to get the solution that works best for your needs

All in one platform

Centralize the security, management, and configuration of all devices within your organization

Main features offered by EMM

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Protect sensitive corporate, customer and personal data.

  • Configure, secure and manage devices and access

  • Remote wipe and remote viewing

  • Container to separate business and personal apps

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Automate and streamline mass app deployment.

  • Manage and control apps on device + app provisioning/de-provisioning

  • Whitelist apps via app catalogue

  • App wrapping and custom configuration e.g. applying custom policies to applications (such as restricting certain features)

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Drive employee productivity with secure content access.

  • Manage and control delivery and storage of content on devices

  • Enforce policies (authentication) to access, view, edit and share content

  • Enforce restrictions such as the ability to copy/paste, viewing time

Automated EMM Enrolment

Give time back to your workforce.

  • Automatically provision corporate devices and enroll them to your MDM/EMM without having to do it manually

  • Manage multiple EMM profiles for different EMMs and different enrolment settings

  • Both iOS and Samsung devices are supported

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Security & Device Management

Securely manage and access your mobile devices, applications and content

Apple Business Manager

Streamline the way you deploy your corporate-owned Apple devices.

Samsung Mobile Enrolment Program

Easily automate the enrolment of your Samsung devices in your business.

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