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Your digital business transformation doesn’t need to be complicated. Rely on our expertise and years of experience to get where you are going. Our specialized IT services from consulting to roadmap, data migration and management ensure that you get the most out of your investment and achieve your business objectives.

  • Fast track your IT projects - rely on our expertise, methodologies, best practices and tools

  • Lower your IT transformation costs - reduce overhead costs, prevent project delays and mitigate risk

  • Get the most out of your IT - Iimplement the right IT professional services that align with your business goals

Success-focused approach

Proven methodology includes assessment, planning, design and implementation


Server, storage, cloud, security, network, applications, hybrid IT and more


Industry accreditations from Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, VMware, Google, and NetApp

Packaged services

Outcome based cost-effective consulting packages

Customer Success

Transformational IT and a culture of innovation

“Outsourcing the commodity pieces of IT allows me to refocus resources on innovation and strategic value, I am a fierce advocate of outsourcing anything that keeps the lights on and has matured to the point of commodity.” Andrew Lennox, All Weather Windows

4 key services to help you on your digital transformation journey

Recognizing that every business is different, our approach focuses not just on the technology aspect, but also on your company’s needs. This allows us to create strategies that are custom-built for your business and provides a good balance between cost, innovation and future requirements.

Cloud Advisory Services

The Challenge: Many organizations struggle with developing a cloud strategy due to the lack of internal expertise. The experts at TELUS Cloud Advisory Services will partner with you to understand your business and IT needs, assess your workloads, evaluate cloud readiness and plot a migration and deployment strategy for a successful and most cost-effective transition to the cloud.

The Solution: Our practical and strategic cloud advisory services from blueprint to deployment will transform your current IT and benefit your business in many ways.

Our process begins with understanding your business needs and is followed by the development of a cloud strategy for achieving your transformation goals.

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Hybrid IT Consulting

The Challenge: Accelerated growth of applications in the digital economy, coupled with increasing IT siloes, make it challenging to ensure the optimal IT budget spend and effectiveness. Implementing a hybrid IT approach can help solve the problem of optimal application placement, simplify IT management, and deliver better end-user experience.

The Solution: Our Hybrid IT Consulting services team do a thorough assessment and provide practical recommendations for your data centre and cloud initiatives. With over two decades of experience in data centre, network and applications, we can implement your data centre projects faster and free up your IT team to work on line-of-business initiatives.

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Data Protection Consulting

The Challenge: With more and more data collected, stored, and accessed every day, data loss is inevitable. And while hardware and software failures still represent one of the leading causes of data loss, unintentional loss due to lack of proper back-up practices or hacking, malware, and ransomware incidents are on the rise.

The Solution: Our Data Protection consulting services include a range of assessments that help you understand your data vulnerability, the impact on business and bring recommendations on the most optimal backup, archiving, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that will help minimize the risk of data and financial loss.

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Database Assurance Services

The Challenge: With users expecting systems and applications to be available and responsive anytime and anywhere, IT is under increasing pressure to keep service levels at an all-time high, despite limited and often decreasing budgets.

The Solution: TELUS Database Assurance takes the stress of ensuring performance out of the equation with a straightforward, scalable subscription model for cost-effectively outsourcing your database management, while maintaining control of the processes and application that are vital to your business.

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What you’ll get

Each service has the following set of capabilities and deliverables:

Cloud Advisory Services

  • Cloud Initiation - understand business needs, identify cloud opportunities and align internal stakeholders

  • Cloud Readiness - workload inventory, workload requirements analysis and prioritization

  • Cloud Roadmap - build a business case, identify cloud deployment models for workloads and develop workload blueprints

  • Cloud White Glove On-boarding – set up and start using cloud quickly without burdening your IT resources

  • Cloud Migration - formulate an effective deployment strategy and migrate your workloads

  • Cloud Adoption - chalk out a cloud adoption plan to accelerate transition to cloud

Hybrid IT Consulting

  • Gap Assessment - identify infrastructure gaps in your organization to deliver the desired IT services

  • Goal Setting - determine the most efficient operating model for your data centre from an operations and management perspective

  • Optimization - a holistic suitability assessment to determine the best ways to exploit traditional hosting and cloud-based IT infrastructure to create value for your business

  • Alignment - bring business and IT leaders together to agree on a common goal and action plan

  • Complete Solution - recommend the right network and security strategy to support your transformation journey

Data Protection Consulting

  • Data Protection assessment - understand the level of your exposure and provide recommendations on systems and practices to help reduce the risk of data loss

  • Backup and Recovery assessment - gain visibility of your current backup environment, identify gaps and evaluate the benefits of moving to an optimized backup environment

  • DR Planning and Business Impact assessment - provides validation of critical business functions, risk scenarios, and recovery point and time objectives to ensure alignment in developing a disaster recovery plan

  • Vulnerability Threat assessment - a comprehensive examination of a specific system, service or IT structure with a purpose to identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that can expose your organization’s systems and information to malicious exploit

Database Assurance Services

  • Database Management - from standard to completely customizable service options

  • Software Support and Flexibility - support for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, and Oracle Flexibility to leverage your current investments or use our licensed software

  • Provisioning - we update and manage your existing databases, leveraging our tools and practices, or set up, build and configure new

  • 24/7 Database Support - monitoring and alerting on critical database performance metrics, customized to meet your business requirements

  • Backup and High Availability - multiple availability levels, multi-tier storage systems with application aware backup technologies

  • Business Continuity - recovery of the database in the event of a software, operating system or hardware failure

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Data Protection Readiness Assessment

TELUS Database Assurance Services

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Security Solutions

Improve your security posture and protect your data and network.

Hybrid Cloud

The right mix of private and public cloud for your digital transformation.

Managed Hosting

Enough hosting capacity with dedicated servers in secure TELUS data centres.

Managed Object Storage

Manage, move and protect your data, and gain easy access when you need it.


Count on secure, reliable and robust Internet and data network connectivity.

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