Seniors Living

Provide your residents with the technology they need to stay entertained and connected with our Guest TV and Managed Wi-Fi services, underpinned by 24/7 technical support to assist both your staff and residents.

Senior couple watching TELUS Guest TV

Connect your residence with TELUS Seniors Living solutions

Wi-Fi for everyone

When the connection is strong, residents can stay informed and in touch with their loved ones.  Keep your residents and staff connected with Managed Wi-Fi.

Entertainment for your residents

A variety of HD channels, TV apps,  and activities at their fingertips. With Guest TV, residents can stay engaged right from their own suites.

Customized solutions

Allow your residents to be in control of their own entertainment and connectivity experience.

Property-wide technology

Equip your common areas with entertainment and connectivity solutions.

Full-service installation

Benefit from a professional install with access to service monitoring dashboards.

24/7 support included

Receive 24/7 technical support, included at no additional cost, with Guest TV and Managed Wi-Fi.

Seniors Living solutions by TELUS Business

Keep your residents and staff connected by selecting Managed Wi-Fi or by bundling it with Guest TV.  Both Guest TV and Managed Wi-Fi include 24/7 technical support at no additional cost.

Important: Managed Wi-Fi requires an internet connection for bandwidth.

TELUS Managed Wi-Fi

Keep your residents connected to the people they love and the things they enjoy with Managed Wi-Fi.

Senior couple using a laptop

Dependable connectivity

Reliable, managed internet access for you, your staff, and your residents.

Property-wide network

Secure and consistent Wi-Fi connection, offering uninterrupted roaming, available anywhere in your residence.

At-home experience

Dedicated network access with unique passwords for each suite.

Why choose Managed Wi-Fi?

Fully managed solution

A secure network solution offering peace of mind with full-service installation, maintenance and monitoring.

Password protected access

Broadcast a single Wi-Fi network throughout your property, while providing residents simple and secure authentication.

Personal area networking

PAN enables residents to use technologies like voice assistants, wireless printers, smart home devices, and more, which can’t be utilized on traditional property-wide networks.

Common areas

Let us take care of your common area connectivity needs. Whether you have a wellness centre, reception area, or outdoor seating, we have what it takes to ensure seamless Wi-Fi coverage.

Important: Guest TV requires TELUS Managed Wi-Fi and a TELUS business internet connection. This service is only available in Alberta and British Columbia.


Provide a fully customized entertainment experience to suit the preferences of each resident with Guest TV.

Senior person using TELUS Guest TV

Powered by Wi-Fi

Avoid unnecessary inside wiring and potential complications with property-wide TV, powered by our Wi-Fi network.

Custom entertainment

Includes a variety of HD channels, Netflix and Google Play Store integration, and access to countless easy-to-use TV apps.

Digital communication

Engage with your residents – safely – from the comfort of their homes.

Why choose Guest TV?

A variety of entertainment options

Allow residents to take control of their viewing experience with digital video recorder capabilities. The Guest TV platform also learns the viewing habits of each resident and makes personalized programming recommendations.

Entertain and engage with residents

Ensure your residents never miss a moment that matters, with camera feeds that broadcast live events, like religious services, bingo games, exercise classes and more – right on their in-suite TVs.

Voice-controlled remote

With a voice-controlled remote, not only can your residents search and find their favorite shows, they can also ask for the weather, use it as a dictionary, check store hours, and more.

Apps and games

The integrated Google Play Store means access to streaming and lifestyle apps, games and more. It also means residents can access more entertainment options, potentially reducing monthly cost for you.

Make the most of our solutions with TELUS Managed Internet.

Power Managed Wi-Fi and Guest TV with TELUS Managed Business Internet while also providing your business with fully monitored, managed high-speed internet.

Justin Manaois explaining Managed Internet

Justin Manaois

Business Operations Coordinator, ELIM Village

Dedicated support at no additional cost

Get 24/7 technical support for your staff and residents, included at no additional charge, with Guest TV and Managed Wi-Fi.

Justin Manaois having a video conference

Justin Manaois

Business Operations Coordinator, ELIM Village

Connect residents and staff to the help they need

The TELUS 24/7 Help Desk is available to assist your residents – and staff – with any technical issues that may arise, minimizing the number of calls to your front desk.

Achieve peace of mind with our Ambassador program

TELUS Ambassadors provide one-on-one assistance for each resident following their TV installation, helping to ease the transition to their new technology.

Technology that’s easy to learn and easy to use

Each resident will receive a senior-friendly instruction booklet they can reference after the installation of services is complete.

Senior gentleman looking at a tablet

TELUS Wise® for seniors

Helping residents stay safe in a digital world

TELUS Wise® is a program designed for seniors who are already using the internet and want to learn more about participating in our digital society safely, providing in-person workshops and a wealth of resources to help seniors in Canada.

Senior couple looking at a mobile device

Connecting seniors in need

The TELUS Mobility for Good® program, for low-income seniors, provides recipients of the Guaranteed Income Supplement benefit with a $75 discount towards the online purchase of a refurbished smartphone.