Canada's most sustainable internet technology.1
A woman sits on a couch accessing Pure Fibre internet on a tablet, modern buildings against a blue sky in a city, a construction worker talking on a walkie talkie, and a hummingbird is flying over the other images.

Future-proofing new developments

Experience the future with PureFibre and bring our world-class connectivity2 to your development.

A partnership you can count on

Empower your customers with the number one internet technology.2 Embrace advanced infrastructure for unparalleled connectivity.
A building development team sits around a large table having an online meeting with a group of stakeholders.

Tailored to fit your building needs

We know plans can change. Our team and processes are designed to adapt, tackling unexpected issues with ease.
Two people dressed in hard hats and safety vests are reviewing building plans and assessing progress on the building they are inspecting.

Transparent collaboration

From start to finish, we collaborate to outline key tasks, timelines and contacts. This ensures we're on the same page for a successful project delivery.

Benefits when you partner with TELUS

Access the latest advancements in PureFibre Internet and Smart Building technology.3

Exclusive offers

Offer your customers exclusive access to high-value commercial and residential deals.

Marketing materials

Our team helps design, produce and distribute marketing to your customers about TELUS offers.

Engaging events

We plan and host events to show the benefits of our services.

Benefits for your customers

Empower customers to play, stream, create, learn, browse and connect without frustration.2
A woman is sitting in her home office accessing Pure Fibre internet through a smartphone.

The power of PureFibre

Customers get their own personal internet highway all the way into the home or business for fast, consistent speeds.2
Six people are working in an open concept office working on desktop computers which are connected to Pure Fibre internet.

A dedicated connection

Our customers don't share connections. They connect directly to our network for a strong and reliable service.3

Let us help you with your future project

Propel your project forward and unlock its full potential.3

We've launched

Introducing the first phase of our new development portal. Submit projects effortlessly through our streamlined form and track your project with My New Development Portal. We're dedicated to enhancing your experience, so please share your feedback or questions at
[email protected]

Our partnership process

First you will provide us with power plans, landbase files, electrical riser diagrams, and other relevant documents. After you've sent the necessary information, we will kick off the design, obtain permits, and coordinate with you. When cable and civil designs are approved, our construction crews take over to bring the project to life.
A project manager and a site manager are discussing a blueprint while at the construction site.

Permit requirements

TELUS takes charge of all permit applications for underground structures. If consultants need to submit to specific municipalities, we supply our plans for them. Remember, approval times vary by municipality. We work hard to align with your timeline, aiming for timely permit approvals to smoothly progress the construction.

What this means for your timeline

While TELUS is committed to seamlessly integrating our building processes into development projects, the duration of each stage varies. Our typical timelines for network construction are outlined below.
  • 2 business days

    Stage 1 - New Request

    After receiving your submission, our team reviews the project information and begins to chart a path forward. Your Developer Relationship Manager (DRM) will be assigned to your project.
    Collaboration is crucial in maintaining timelines and avoiding any potential delays, we ask that you submit your documents as soon as they are available.
  • 1-4 weeks from submission

    Stage 2 - Project Verification

    Your DRM will review the project information and request any missing documentation or clarifications if needed. You can communicate with your DRM through the portal at any time.
    Timelines may vary based on anticipated build dates and document submission.
  • 4-8 weeks from submission

    Stage 3 - Planning Assessment

    The planning team will complete their assessment. A TELUS build partner will be assigned to the project and they will estimate the costs for the project. We will provide a billing letter outlining the costs and requesting your approval to move forward.
    Timelines may vary based on anticipated build dates, document submission and billing letter approval.
  • 8-16 weeks from submission

    Stage 4 - Design

    Our build partner will complete the design and drawings and they will file for municipality construction permits.
    Changes in the project scope, design iterations, municipality requirements, timely payments and permitting can impact the timeline.
  • 16-24 weeks from submission

    Stage 5 - Construction

    During this phase, the materials will be delivered and the network installed. Given the flexible nature of the work, our teams will work with you to assess site readiness and determine the timeline.
    Site readiness and material availability can impact the timeline.
  • 24-28 weeks from submission

    Stage 6 - Completion

    The network and physical infrastructure is complete, TELUS systems are updated and customers are able to order service.

TELUS Smart Building solutions for our future

With TELUS Smart Building solutions, you can manage properties remotely, boost operations and provide an elevated living experience for residents.
A building manager sits at her desk while checking her mobile phone for smart building alerts for the properties she is managing.

Your building, but smarter

Our solutions enhance efficiency and occupant experience. Stay competitive by future-proofing your projects and seamlessly integrating emerging technologies.

Why build smart?

We use technology to help your building achieve peak profitability, fostering sustainable, healthy, connected spaces for living, working and playing.
Indoor photo of TELUS Garden, Vancouver’s first LEED Platinum certified office tower which has one of the highest LEED score cards in Canada.

Let's make our planet healthier

At TELUS, our core commitment to sustainability ranges from investing in renewable energy and reducing our carbon footprint to powering smarter cities and seeding innovation.

Contact us

Use the link below to kickstart a new development project. This is the quickest way to get things moving. For queries about your existing project, you can email:
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