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Secure Cloud Connect


TELUS Secure Cloud Connect delivers the speed, security and reliability of private dedicated access to the cloud, working in conjunction with Microsoft ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Connect and AWS Direct Connect to avoid the risks of connecting through public internet.

Key features

  • Offers protection against online threats, malware and viruses

  • No changes or modifications required - use your existing IP network

  • Ensures Canadian data sovereignty compliance

Features & Benefits

Keeps data secure

TELUS Secure Cloud Connect gives you the security of private network access to your cloud provider network.

No modifications necessary

Secure Cloud Connect users your new or existing TELUS Multiprotocol Label Switching network to connect directly to your cloud provider.

Faster speeds. Predictable latencies

TELUS offers bandwidth to meet your business workloads from 100M to 10G. By transmitting your cloud data over an IP network, TELUS can ensure a predictable experience (i.e. fixed bandwidth and latency).

Seamlessly connects all offices

Dynamic routing between your network and your cloud provider, over industry standard protocols such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) seamlessly connects all office locations.

Reliable on-demand performance

TELUS provides a high level of reliability through built-in redundancy at every peering location. Our connection uptime service level agreement (SLA) of 99.999% provides predictable on-demand performance.

Leverage TELUS Secure Cloud Connect to reach world’s largest cloud computing providers

Microsoft Azure

  • Connectivity to Azure IaaS, PaaS and Office 365 cloud services

  • Private, public and Microsoft peering supported

  • Prioritization on Microsoft’s Skype for Business Enterprise Voice for a continued high-quality experience

Google Cloud

  • Connectivity to all Google Cloud Platform services

  • Supports multiple ways to connect your infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform with Partner Interconnect, Dedicated Interconnect and Carrier Peering

Amazon Web Services

  • Connectivity to AWS services including EC2 compute, S3 storage, and more

  • Supports Dedicated and Hosted AWS Direct Connect Connections

  • Private and public peering supported

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