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Enabling flexible work with unified communications
Enabling flexible work with unified communications

Enabling flexible work with unified communications

Jun 1, 2018

How did TELUS increase employee engagement by 34 points over the last few years while saving millions of dollars? TELUS recognized that Digital Transformation (DX) could facilitate major changes across its organization. Taking a bold, forward-thinking approach, we created TELUS Work Styles, a program that lets employees choose how they want to work and empowers them with the most innovative collaboration tools.

In recent years, most Canadian businesses have begun embracing digital transformation, to enhance and better support their operations by harnessing the latest in collaboration technology. As published in Canadian Business magazine, an estimated 71% of Canadian businesses have implemented at least one element of Unified Communications (i.e. voice, video, messaging and presence) as part of their digital transformation. However, many businesses are relatively early in their transformation and are not yet realizing the technology’s full potential.

With that in mind, we’re proud to share one key element of TELUS’ very own digital transformation journey; one that started more than 10 years ago and is still evolving today. TELUS Work Styles powered by Unified Communications, has been the cornerstone upon which our internal teams have built significant gains in engagement, productivity and ultimately – profitability.

What is TELUS Work Styles?

Work Styles is what we call our flexible work program. It enables our team members to work when and where they will be most effective, so they can focus on supporting an exceptional customer experience.

The philosophy behind the program is simple: give employees the flexibility to work in a hybrid office and remote setting, and they’ll exhibit stronger accountability, increased ownership, better balance and a stronger sense of control - which ultimately leads to increased engagement. As a result, TELUS will be in its best position to innovate and serve our valued customers at the highest level.

Today, 70% of the company spends some portion of their week working from an at-home office or other mobile location. This reality has been made possible by robust communication tools that enable our team members to work collaboratively, no matter where they are.

How we measure TELUS Work Styles program success

  • Projected net cash flow savings of $163 million over 20 years from on-going real estate consolidation and other related areas of cost optimization

  • Return on team members, measured through a 34 point increase in employee engagement scores over nine years and a Work Styles program satisfaction score of 96%

  • 10.5 GWh of reduced energy consumption, and a reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions from 32.8 million km of employee commuting eliminated since program inauguration

In addition to the cash flow and environmental benefits, new research indicates that 60% of employees who have flexible work options feel they’re more productive and engaged. Providing the ability to work remotely widens the talent pool your business can hire from, no longer having to onboard employees within driving or transit distance of the office. Flexible work provides employees with a greater feeling of trust and empowerment, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Simply put: empower your employees wherever they work best, and reap the rewards.

What made TELUS Work Styles possible?

Two words: Unified Communications. Based on our experience adopting and benefiting from Unified Communications technology, as well as outfitting thousands of businesses with their own solution, we’ve identified 4 main reasons why a cloud phone system can help drive a highly-engaged and empowered work culture.

Seamless and agile access to the phone system

Elevating your business with Unified Communications enables you to easily and efficiently give employees full-featured business desk phones and other devices, while providing them with next-generation communication services like audio and video web meetings. Employees can use any device that’s convenient and Internet-enabled, providing them with a seamless connection wherever they are, whenever they need it. The ability to quickly set up audio conferences or web meetings means your employees can collaborate with the right teammates at the right time.

Cost optimization and simplified billing management

A cloud phone system can help significantly reduce long distance and landline calling costs, while fostering teamwork through advanced data communication mediums like voice, video and screen sharing. Adopting Unified Communications also means a single, consolidated invoice for your company that is easy to understand and integrate into your billing management process.

Enhanced control and line-of-sight

A cloud-based solution gives your business greater control over security and could help you meet auditing or other compliance requirements, which is especially important to businesses in Finance. Easy to use reporting gives you the control and the line-of-sight you need to manage your operations effectively.

Embrace the concept of flexible work

You’ve seen the statistics about the return on investment enabled by a transition to flexible work. With a cloud phone system, you can easily set up locations and add on-site and remote employees. Empower your employees to work where they perform best, and ensure they never miss a call using features like call forwarding, which routes calls to any device an employee prefers to use while mobile.


Most businesses are undergoing some form of digital transformation in order to thrive, and TELUS counts ourselves among them. TELUS Work Styles, which has capitalized on the transformation in technology and in society to redefine our workplace, is a highly valuable program at TELUS with financial, environmental, employee engagement and customer satisfaction benefits.

To enable this program, we use Unified Communications solutions. Our journey goes on as technology and social changes continue to expand the world of what is possible and how our workplace is being redefined.

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Emily Lui
Emily Lui