A greener way forward: Unlocking talent for climate work

Fund Updates · Apr 22, 2022

With unprecedented weather events taking place across the world, finding a solution to climate change is a daunting task.
Scorching temperatures
broke multiple record highs causing wildfires in North America’s west coast.
resulted in poor harvest, while
torrential rain
flooded communities, leaving many homeless and farmlands submerged. Climate change is happening fast, leaving us with the big question: How can one person make a difference?
The United Nations Development Programme launched the
largest survey
of public opinion on climate change with 1.2 million respondents across 50 countries. Sixty-four per cent of respondents said climate change was an emergency. This shared sentiment across the globe is one of the reasons Anshuman Bapna was inspired to create
, a global climate platform that offers specialized cohort-based learning and a community of climate experts, practitioners and hiring managers to support the transition into climate change-related careers.
Launched in April 2020, Bapna decided to tap his skills and expertise as an experienced entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in internet platforms to start the company. In his earlier years, he built an impressive career by selling two tech startups, and working for companies such as Google, Deloitte, and MakeMyTrip. He eventually shifted his focus to finding a way to bring people into climate work.
However Bapna emphasizes, “We don't [just] think of ourselves as an education company. [Putting things into] action is the critical part, and learning was a means to that end.” Their domain name speaks to this action orientated focus with the “Do” signifying everyone is capable of actively engaging and ‘doing’ something to generate change.
Graduates from Terra.do become a part of a “deep network that helps people get off the ground and work in climate in all kinds of ways” leveraging peers for knowledge, skills and connections; ultimately paving their own careers. Over fifty per cent of graduates eventually transition to climate jobs, and the remaining span the spectrum from applying a climate lens to their existing careers to starting their own climate companies.
Tobi Mueller-Glodde, a senior associate with the TELUS Pollinator Fund explains the importance of the investment in Terra.do, recognizing that the company is a critical catalyst in driving climate action. “Terra.do operates at the nexus of two core Pollinator Fund
investment pillars
, with its focus on climate change and building inclusive communities through education and workplace readiness. We’re building a highly impactful climate workforce.”
With this year’s Earth Day theme of
Invest in our planet
, Bapna highlights how you can contribute and make an impact today - whether it is investing your time, money, and/or your skills, there is an opportunity for everyone to play their part in solving the climate crisis.
At the TELUS Pollinator Fund, we are excited to support Terra.do in building an international community of professionals, and industry leaders, who are taking action to learn new skills, support others, while shaping their own careers to fight climate change together.
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