Building a better tomorrow: sustainability-driven companies of the TELUS Pollinator Fund

Fund Updates · May 13, 2024

As the climate crisis unfolds, the imperative to address environmental challenges grows ever more urgent. In 2023, the planet experienced its warmest calendar year in recorded history. That same year, Canadian wildfires burned an area of 18.5 million hectares, equivalent to twice the size of Portugal. It’s never been more important to care for our planet. As a global leader in social capitalism, TELUS is leading the way in environmental sustainability through our operations and investments. Our Pollinator Fund for Good is at the forefront of sustainable investment, funding growing companies that promote zero-emission solutions, climate resilience and waste reduction.
This Earth Month, join us in celebrating some of our portfolio companies who are actively cultivating a more resilient future.

Dryad: detecting wildfires early to protect our natural resources

Founder, Carsten Brinkschulte
Dryad Networks is a German technology company that provides ultra-early forest fire detection, along with health and growth monitoring solutions for both public and private forests. This is achieved through a large-scale IoT network of sensors, enabling the detection of wildfires and providing valuable forest insights and analytics.

erthos: building better materials for a planet free from plastic pollution

Co-founders, Kritika Tyagi and Nuha Siddiqui
erthos is a global sustainable material design company that harnesses the power of bio-based ingredients and AI to design next-gen material solutions for everyday industry applications across consumer goods, retail and packaging. Recognizing the global dependency on plastics and ready for a positive shift from the inside out, erthos takes an end-to-end approach to designing materials that are earth-positive, lower carbon and serve as drop-in replacements for existing manufacturing systems.

Flash Forest: leveraging drone technology for rapid post-wildfire reforestation

Co-founders, Bryce and Cameron Jones
Flash Forest is an aerial reforestation company that uses a data-driven, biodiversity-centric approach to rebuild healthy resilient forests at scale. By leveraging drone, AI, GIS, and plant science technology, they bring new levels of accuracy, precision and speed to the reforestation industry, and are working to reforest post-wildfire areas that are deemed unsafe for human tree planters.

Goodr: solving hunger & reducing waste for a better tomorrow

Founder, Jasmine Crowe-Houston
GoodrCo. is a sustainable waste management and hunger relief company that leverages technology and logistics to fight food waste and end hunger. Goodr, a certified B-Corp, is built on the principle that food insecurity is not an issue of scarcity; it's a matter of logistics. Their model helps to track an organization’s surplus food from pickup to donation, delivering real-time social and environmental impact analytics. They also partner with organizations across the United States to get groceries and meals to local communities in need.

Mycocycle: harnessing waste-eating mushrooms for a sustainable future

Mycocycle, Inc. is a biotechnology company that harnesses the power of mycelium (fungi) to detoxify and upcycle complex waste into new, sustainable raw materials. By training mushrooms to break down and consume toxins from anthropogenic waste streams, such as asphalt, rubber, gypsum drywall, Mycocycle offers companies a second life and value for their waste that would otherwise end up in landfill and emit harmful greenhouse gasses. Construction companies also benefit, by sourcing sustainable, upcycled material, instead of petroleum-based or virgin raw materials.
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