Our newest health investment: ManagingLife

Fund Updates · Feb 9, 2022

As the world heads into its third year of the pandemic, health services and workers are facing immense pressure and turning their focus to immediate care. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to receive the healthcare they need. With surgeries delayed, difficulty gaining access to physicians, and the mental health struggles of ongoing restrictions, a focus on healthcare is needed more than ever. 

The TELUS Pollinator Fund focuses on investments that are transforming the healthcare industry and providing solutions that will provide access to care and support for those who need it most. As our first investment in 2022, Toronto-based ManagingLife joins our portfolio to assist North Americans facing chronic pain.

Approximately 20 per cent of the Canadian and US population, especially women and seniors, experience chronic pain. Often an invisible condition, chronic pain affects patients physically and mentally, making it complex to treat. ManagingLife is working to solve a pain point that is generally overlooked.

ManagingLife is a clinically-validated digital pain management platform for patients to track their pain and potential causes. Healthcare providers are able to leverage the data to identify the most effective treatment methods, resulting in improved health outcomes such as reduced anxiety, pain catastrophization, and recovery times. Further, with better data to help patients manage their pain, ManagingLife’s solution leads to reduced healthcare expenses and indirect costs for employers such as lower productivity and lost wages.

This opportunity to invest in ManagingLife allows the Pollinator Fund to build on our investment  thesis which targets underserved healthcare conditions and patient populations. By investing in a solution that directs patients towards non-opioid therapies, we are supporting innovation that addresses the opioid crisis, substance use, and addiction disorders. With this solution, our communities can be supported in their health and well-being while also reducing any risk or potential harm they may face when looking for solutions to their pain.

Already ManagingLife has helped over 65,000 patients build better plans to manage their pain. This round of investment is enabling ManagingLife to build their product to activate additional pain management services for patients, while growing their reach to ensure more people get the support they need. The TELUS Pollinator Fund is excited to be an investor in a solution that will drive health outcomes in an underserved area, enabling patients to focus on doing the things they love, without pain getting in the way.

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