The uploads and downloads of home internet performance

Stay connected · May 14, 2020

As we continue to self-isolate to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, we have transformed our homes into offices, classrooms and entertainment hubs. Whether you're working, learning or connecting with loved ones, feeling confident about your home internet connection has never been more important. Here are some great reasons to choose TELUS internet:

Same speed up, same speed down

TELUS PureFibre’s revolutionary fibre optic internet technology can deliver uploads as consistently lightning-fast as downloads. Even with increased home internet usage during the pandemic, you can power through peak times and enjoy a consistent connection, any time of day.
Learn what TELUS PureFibre can do for you

Reliable upload speeds

One of the keys to ensuring that you enjoy the best online experience possible is having reliable upload speeds, which TELUS internet offers. For customers, this means:
  • Less network lag during gaming, video calling and live streaming
  • Clearer images  and sound during video or VoIP calls 
  • More simultaneous users (e.g. multiple family members on video calls at the same time)
  • Easier multitasking (e.g. sending emails while on video calls)
  • Faster cloud storage, photo sharing and file transfers
  • Faster access to cloud applications (important for remote work)
  • Live security cameras
  • Media sharing (e.g. uploading videos on Youtube/TikTok, posting photos/videos on Instagram/Facebook, sending media files via chat apps)
  • Screen-sharing (e.g. watching videos or playing party games together online)

Overage charges waived

To offer maximum support and accommodate anticipated higher than normal internet usage during COVID-19, TELUS is waiving home internet overage charges for customers without unlimited data plans until June 30.
Visit our COVID-19 response page for details

How fast is your connection? 

With everyone maintaining physical distancing and many of us now working, learning and playing online, there could be multiple devices connected to your home internet at any given time.  With this increased usage, you may experience Wi-Fi performance issues you haven’t previously encountered. A speed test is one of the first troubleshooting steps you should consider if you notice any changes in your internet performance. It can help measure your current connection’s maximum speed, including upload and download information. 

How to conduct an internet speed test

First, visit this speed test page
to learn which speed test to run depending on your internet plan and wireless gateway. Then use the
 TELUS My Wi-Fi app
to run speed tests to the modem, as well as troubleshoot any Wi-Fi issues. 
How to read speed test results
The speed at the modem can be different from the speeds you are seeing on your devices and many factors can influence the speed at any given time.
Authored by:
TELUS team
This series of blog posts was created to help our customers and team members stay informed and feel supported during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.