Employee wellness programs: what you need to know

Corporate health · Jan 10, 2021

Improving employee health and wellness benefits everyone — employees, their families, and their employers. How? Healthy, well-adjusted employees are generally more productive, have a more positive view of their workplace and are less likely to leave the company.1,2 This can help reduce turnover and training costs.

A focus on workplace wellbeing is becoming increasingly important to workers. In fact, 80% of working Canadians report that their overall wellbeing would improve if their employers offered a personalized wellness program.2 A company that provides a wellness program exhibits a high level of care for employees’ health and, in turn, can earn trust and generate job satisfaction.

What’s in an employee wellness program?

Wellness in the workplace is geared toward preventing injuries and keeping the workers healthy and functioning to the best of their abilities. To accomplish this goal, wellness programs provide services that include:

  • Dedicated wellness consultants

  • Organizational health audits

  • Workstation ergonomic assessments

  • Personal injury prevention plans

  • Workshops and webinars

  • Lifestyle coaching

  • Online nutrition programs

  • Corporate fitness programs

  • Exercise plans

  • Wellness action plans

  • Meditation and mindfulness sessions

Benefits of a wellness program

According to the Harvard Business Review, a well-designed, well-run employee wellness program can provide an impressive return on investment, sometimes as high as six to one.3 Among the benefits that employers cite for instituting employee wellness programs are
that they have the potential to improve employee health behaviours, reduce healthcare costs, reduce worker stress, improve productivity, contribute to employee morale, decrease absenteeism and improve recruitment and retention.4-6

From a personal and business perspective, employee wellness makes sense. This is why TELUS Health Care Centres across the country are committed to providing quality programs for
organizations. By making it as easy as possible for Canadian workers to take better care of their physical and mental wellbeing and that of their loved ones, we’ll contribute to a positive impact for years to come.

Discover what TELUS Health Care Centres can do for your organization.

Learn more about our corporate and occupational health and wellness services.


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