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Transforming your workplace in the age of digital

Tech Trends · Jun 26, 2018

With the range of solutions available today, deciding which communication technology can best support your business may seem dizzying. Traditionally, businesses turned to a simple wireline business phone line in order to manage a consistent, but lower volume of calls. As businesses grew, they required something more substantial and flexible – a PBX (Private Branch Exchange), which involved professional installation of physical hardware at their locations. Today, both options seem antiquated compared to the feature-rich solution known as Unified Communications. This cloud based technology is revolutionizing the way businesses collaborate internally and communicate with their customers, while dramatically reducing their communication costs.

What are Unified Communications?

Unified Communications leverage the Internet as their primary medium, allowing users to make and receive voice and video calls from anywhere their business takes them - in the office, out on the road or halfway around the globe. Teams can share their desktop, message and collaborate in real time. For larger working sessions, audio and video teleconferencing features offer immense value. TELUS Business Connect and TELUS Cloud Collaboration are two prominent Unified Communication solutions which include all the common features of a traditional PBX, and also deliver the key features that can help your business transform into the digital age.

What do I need to enable my Unified Communication solution?

All your business needs is a subscription to a cloud based solution, reliable access to the Internet, and a device employees can connect with - their smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet, desk phone or any other Internet-enabled device.


What are the benefits?

Digital workplaces are a modern reality

Industries and their workplaces are changing – fast – as a result of the digital disruption around us, brought about by technologies we use and the way our employees and customers interact and engage with each other. Businesses must evolve to embrace increasingly mobile employees, providing them with the right tools to boost productivity wherever they are, whenever opportunity arises. Unified Communication technology is optimized to serve the limitless physical and virtual footprint your employees require to collaborate and innovate. The workplace is being redefined. Your company’s digital transformation - and ability to thrive in an evolving, agile market - requires digital collaboration technology that promotes communication of every type across your business.

Unified Communication works anywhere

With a robust communication solution in place – one which rides on top of reliable Internet connectivity, whether DSL, Cable, Fiber or even through mobile device data – UC in the form of voice, video and messaging are delivered to and from the user seamlessly, regardless of location. The ability to access this software using any preferred device when team members are mobile is truly revolutionary, both for the business and for the employee.

Scale quickly, save money

With Unified Communications, you can quickly scale up as your business grows, or scale back in times of change. Your business only pays for the service it uses, and in most cases, benefits from an equal or lower cost-per-user compared to any alternative communication system, with more flexibility and cutting-edge features included. The process of scaling is seamless – the task can be completed remotely, with limited or no disruption to the business.

Features, features, features

Within a secure and reliable environment, Unified Communications open your organization to digital collaboration opportunities that can’t be achieved through traditional means, such as a voice-only solution, text messaging or e-mail. Offering you the perfect mix of audio, video, messaging and presence technology to connect your teams, it enables you to accelerate toward your goals while focusing efforts on what matters the most – growing your business.


When should I switch?

The majority of Canadian companies have begun their digital transformation in one form or another, in order to keep pace with the growing needs of their workforce and customers. Once you’ve determined if your business needs to upgrade its communication tools to spur innovation and growth, the next logical step is contacting a TELUS specialist who can assess your needs, provide advice on the best solution, detail costing and help you create an implementation timeline.

Looking for more product information? Explore which Unified Communications solution is the best fit for your business.

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Authored by:
Josh Bower
Josh Bower
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