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5 tips for choosing the perfect managed IT partner for your law firm

Managed IT · Mar 22, 2024

Digitizing business processes can help law corporations stay competitive in today's fast-paced world -which is why finding the right partner is essential. To help with your decision, we have provided a list of five “must-haves” when searching for a managed IT service provider.

1. Proven success with other law firms 

A reliable partner should have a proven track record of helping law firms successfully navigate IT modernization. Look for evidence of their past and current results to ensure they can deliver the desired outcomes – your prospective partner should be upfront about these results. If they can’t be verified, you may have cause for concern. 
Great providers will leverage their extensive experience to develop "best practices" to provide you with a stable and secure operating environment. They may recommend that you adopt these practices before becoming a client. When
evaluating your current
or potential service provider, think about their technology recommendations. Are they suggesting proactive changes to improve, secure and standardize your environment at the beginning of the relationship?

2. Look for a partner who can accommodate your unique business needs

Every business has unique IT needs, and a good partner should be able to provide tailored solutions for your firm. Whether you require assistance in specific areas, such as cybersecurity, or a complete end-to-end solution that includes a strategic IT roadmap, the partner should be flexible and willing to work alongside your in-house IT team. 
It is also crucial to ensure that the provider can handle your essential business requirements – including any future needs – and provide proactive and strategic services to drive your business forward.
If you are looking to complete a specific project, like a technology upgrade or cloud migration, make sure the provider has the expertise to complete that project. More mature providers offer a more standardized service delivery platform, allowing for a far superior, polished experience as well as significantly greater value for your money. 

3. Expertise in cybersecurity and compliance

With the increased risk of cyber threats that can arise in many forms, from
to ransomware or from brute force attack to malware, it is critical to choose a partner with expertise in cybersecurity and data protection regulations, especially for law firms that have a responsibility to secure and protect their clients’ confidential data. The IT provider should offer advanced threat protection, leveraging AI and machine learning for endpoint security. 
Read the guide,
Protecting against cyber threats
to learn how to safeguard your customers, people and business. 

4. Expertise in disaster recovery 

Downtime can be damaging to your law firm, so it's important to select a partner with expertise in disaster recovery. When your business connects to a cloud-based productivity solution, everything is backed up in real-time, and ready to recover just as fast. 
An IT disaster recovery expert offering robust cloud solutions delivers not just data backup but will inspect systems and repair, replace, update or upgrade as needed. They will help you institute a system of reporting to meet privacy compliance mandates, and provide ongoing monitoring and testing so that your risk mitigation process evolves with the marketplace. They should provide robust cloud solutions that offer real-time data backup, system inspection and ongoing monitoring to mitigate risks. 

5. Ability to integrate with advanced tools

Access to advanced tools is crucial for successful digitization. The ideal partner should be able to provide cutting-edge tools, and modern and up-to-date
softwares and applications
. An example is Microsoft 365, as it offers robust cloud productivity, data security and compliance. By finding a Microsoft Solutions Partner and Certified Cloud Solution Providers (CSP), you can leverage the power of Microsoft 365 Enterprise products and services. 
Choosing the right partner to help you modernize operations is important for the success of your business. By considering factors such as prior success, custom solutions, cybersecurity expertise, disaster recovery capabilities, affordable access to enterprise tools‌ and alignment with your firm’s values, you can make an informed decision. 

No matter the size of your legal practice, TELUS Business services can support your day-to-day IT needs.
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