TELUS Private Wireless Networks: Industrial-grade connectivity for advanced applications

Networks · Oct 3, 2023

We partnered with Finning to showcase how a private wireless network can optimize operations, boost productivity, and enhance worker safety. 

An ultra-reliable connection for industrial-grade applications 

For businesses with operations that depend on the safe and reliable use of heavy machinery a TELUS Private Wireless Network (PWN) is the foundation to empower our customers. PWNs help organizations collect critical data from multiple remote devices while maintaining reliable connectivity, with critical network security. 
Finning, Canada's largest CATⓇ dealer and longtime customer of TELUS wanted to showcase how next-generation connectivity can enable advanced, industrial use cases to keep workers safe and productivity high. For this specific demonstration, we came together to build an industrial-grade private wireless network on-site at Finning headquarters to showcase the remote operation of a CatⓇ excavator.

The challenge

Advanced applications like artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous vehicles and IoT require a large bandwidth, low latency, reliable connectivity, control and most importantly enhanced security that traditional networks can't provide. Any amount of network downtime and latency can be detrimental across asset-intensive industries such as energy, mining‌ and logistics & transportation. 
Companies within these industries often have workers in hazardous environments, typically located in remote areas where standard network connectivity may be unreliable. Within the energy and mining sectors, organizations also need dependable communications from thousands of sensors across multiple facilities to monitor product quality and the safety of their workers. Across these industries, time lags of data transmission and network downtime can create significant operational, security and worker safety risk.

The solution

The TELUS Business team set up a demonstration of the remote operation of a CatⓇ excavator via a TELUS PWN to show how businesses can enable mission-critical applications while mitigating risk. The excavator was controlled from inside Cat Command station to show the real-time communications of heavy machinery.  In scenarios where the site conditions are hazardous, the ability to remotely operate equipment can help boost productivity while prioritizing employee safety.
At TELUS, we provide a tailored approach to our PWNs, customized to the needs and requirements of our customer’s  business. For this specific use case, the highly reliable, ultra-low-latency network connection between the control-room and the excavator allowed workers to operate a large excavator without a driver in the cab.

“Finding the right partner to build a tailored network for industrial applications can help organizations keep all their devices and workers connected, while achieving IT and OT goals.” - Jeffrey de Leeuw, Technical Sales Lead, Private Wireless Networks, TELUS Business

The benefits of a TELUS Private Wireless Network

Mining, energy, and logistics & transportation businesses can gain greater control over their network to set their business up for success. Here are a few key benefits of this stand-alone network:
1. Enhanced coverage: Wide and deep coverage with seamless handoff extends operational range indoor and outdoors.
2. Network scalability: A high-performance and capacity network connects large volumes of devices, users and equipment.
3. Ultra-reliable connectivity: Powerful, low-latency connectivity supports demanding industrial applications.
4. Strong data security: A dedicated on-site network core keeps data on-site and isolated from public networks.

Why partner with TELUS Business

We work closely with our partners to deliver the best service, built around your needs — with a focus on robust security, reliability, and coverage. As a trusted partner, we're here to help build, deploy and manage your network so you can enjoy these strategic benefits and focus on your daily operations:

Professional services 

Our in-house design and deployment teams bring years of experience to help you build, design and deploy your PWN at a variety of scales.

Advisory and strategic planning 

Our strategic advisory services help you make the right business and technical decisions for your organization.

Proof of concept

A unique proof of concept program allows you to test our private wireless solutions in a controlled environment to ensure it meets your needs. 

Managed services

Our teams provide the equipment, implementation and management so you can have greater control over your network. 
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