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Where are you on the road to digital transformation?

Tech Trends · Sep 26, 2016

Digital Transformation (DX) is happening all around us. It’s not just a buzzword made up by some creative IT editors. It’s real and top of mind for many Canadian businesses. In fact, your industry is probably in the process of being disrupted as we speak (because let’s be honest, no industry is immune).

What are you doing about it? Are you taking the bull by the horns? Are you sitting firmly in the “it’s a fad” camp? Or are you somewhere in between?

TELUS and IT World Canada (ITWC) have developed a DX assessment tool to help Canadian organizations evaluate and compare their DX progress (while creating a snapshot of Canadian DX attitudes and actions).

To set the initial baseline, ITWC asked 100 member organizations to take the assessment (10 quick questions inquiring about perspectives on disruption, innovation and adoption of disruptive technologies).

Here are a few things we found out:

  • 79% of respondents believe that a competitor will disrupt their business model

  • 67% of respondents have identified scenarios where disruption could happen and are addressing them

  • 39% of respondents believe that disruption will happen in the two to five years

A snapshot of the Canadian DX journey so far:

  • 16% of respondents believe DX is just a fad so they are sticking with the status quo

  • 35% of respondents are Early Explorers, experimenting with new approaches, thinking about how to leverage technology beyond mobility and examining innovation opportunities.

  • 34% of respondents are Developing, embracing the skills and tools needed to prosper in the volatility of disruption and adopting new technologies including social, mobility and analytics.

  • 15% of respondents are Transformational, positioning themselves as a disruptive force by being innovative, flexible and quick to adopt new processes and technologies including cloud.

Positives and cause for concern

For the most part, survey participants are optimistic about their DX progress. They have a clear understanding of the potential of disruption, and strategy development is well underway. While organizations have had a slow start, momentum is growing, and there is still ample runway to move into high gear.

The misperceptions around timing and urgency are a bit concerning however. DX hasn’t happened overnight, and neither does responding to the change that it has and continues to create. Digitally transforming an organization – its technology, culture, structure, cross-functional collaboration and process – is gradual and evolutionary. It takes time and planning.

At this point, status quo isn’t really an option. And DX will most certainly be fully mainstream much sooner than five years from now. Those organizations that remain in denial or lack urgency must invest time, effort and budget into DX to stay competitive, current and relevant.

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