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Meditech turns to TELUS Internet to heal connectivity pain

Tech Trends · Oct 10, 2019

The Meditech Rehabilitation Centre in Toronto is a beacon of relief for patients suffering with chronic pain.

Through two clinics in Southern Ontario, Meditech uses the healing power of the Bioflex Laser Therapy System to alleviate or eliminate pain, accelerate healing and restore quality of life for those with sports-related injuries, repetitive stress injuries, arthritic conditions, back problems and more.

Meditech relies heavily on their internet connectivity to ensure clinicians can readily access patient treatment programs and schedules online, optimizing the use of their facilities while minimizing patient wait times and appointment conflicts. With many of their patients receiving Bioflex treatments two or three times a week, the processes in place have a considerable impact on client experience and comfort. At the administration desk, the clinic’s billing and payment system is now entirely digital, with e-mail relied on almost exclusively to connect with patients, send appointment reminders and deliver receipts. This eliminates the need for administration and patients to store and manage printed reminders and receipts.


No time is a good time for an internet crash

Until 2017, Meditech’s internet connection ran through a weak, outdated modem connection, which proved highly unreliable. “Our internet crashed constantly - we had at least 15 disconnections a day,” says Bailey Hill, Medical Secretary at Meditech. “I was always expecting a short crash - until one day last year, when our internet was down for three days straight.”

No time is a good time to lose internet access, but a lengthy outage can seriously disrupt a business and lead to irreparable financial and brand damage. “Every employee and visitor was impacted by the internet outage. Our therapists were put in an uncomfortable position with patients who experienced increased visit times and an overcrowded waiting room. The operational side of our clinic fell behind in its work, taking weeks to catch up. It was frustrating for all of us,” Hill laments.

At the front desk, patients were unable to pay for their visit. “We couldn’t process payments electronically – a logistical nightmare for any business which requires payment at point of sale,” says Hill. “I was forced to defer most payments until a later time - and I’m still attempting to collect what is owed by some patients.”

While many Canadian health companies were discovering how to best approach and accelerate their journey toward Digital Transformation, Meditech was struggling with the most critical component of their technology infrastructure, which carried consequences for their entire workplace and clientele.

Opportunity to move Internet to TELUS’ fibre network

Meditech crossed paths with TELUS at an ideal time. TELUS is actively expanding its network to serve companies looking for speed and reliable performance.  By chance, within a month of Meditech’s internet outage, TELUS called to inquire whether the Toronto clinic was considering a change in internet providers. Not surprisingly - they were.

The transition was smooth, requiring a quick upgrade to the building’s existing cabling. “TELUS was very helpful in coordinating all elements of our internet technology change,” says Konstantin Danilov, Meditech’s IT Manager. “The transition was seamless, and TELUS even worked with our building management group to bring in new cable.”


Fast, reliable internet counted on whenever it’s needed

TELUS ranks #1 in internet technology speed and reliability in Canada(1) and provides the option of a fully managed connection which TELUS support teams continuously monitor with a 99.9% service uptime guaranteed. That claim was endorsed by Hill. “Since implementing TELUS Business Internet, there are no more surprises. We have not experienced a single internet crash after switching to TELUS eight months ago.”

Now Meditech enjoys easy, worry-free access to communication software, patients’ treatment plans and the clinic’s billing system. “I am able to take payments faster, which is great when I have a lineup of patients waiting to pay,” says Hill. “Utilizing e-mail is very dependable now. Patients can easily reach our clinic, and I respond within five minutes.”

Having the peace-of-mind that Meditech’s internet connection will no longer disrupt their business is the greatest relief of all, allowing the clinic to focus on what is most important – patient comfort and experience.

To learn how TELUS managed internet solutions continue to redefine what innovative Canadian companies can accomplish, click here.

(1) Traditional copper wire or copper wire hybrid networks are subject to capacity constraints and environmental stresses that do not affect TELUS fibre optic technology which is based on light signals. Not available in all areas.

Authored by:
Josh Bower
Josh Bower
TELUS Business