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Managing the mobile enterprise

Tech Trends · Oct 1, 2015

With pretty much everyone owning a smartphone and/or tablet, employees want to use the same device at work as they do to text, video chat or play Candy Crush. This demand creates a huge challenge for IT departments.

While businesses want to be pro device-of-choice, protecting sensitive corporate data is a going, critical concern. Which program makes the most sense? Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)? Or Corporately Owned Personal Enabled (COPE)?

Gone are the days when IT could turn a blind eye to rogue devices. For the sake of security, a definitive choice has to be made.

The traditional approach to device security

Enterprise Mobile Management solutions are traditionally the foundation of any mobile device security strategy. These solutions are designed to enable employees to use their preferred personal devices without compromising corporate security.

For example, if your employees are using BlackBerry devices, you may choose BlackBerry Enterprise Server to manage them. The latest version, BES12, can also manage all major mobile operating systems. Other vendors offer solutions that are capable of managing both Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems through an app overlay.

Samsung tackles security differently

Samsung has developed a solution called Samsung KNOX Workspace. It turns every Samsung device into two distinct virtual devices, one for business data and apps and the other for personal use. Instead of leveraging a software overlay, Samsung KNOX Workspace is built right into the chip set to provide an additional layer of security.

You can still take advantage of KNOX technology if your employees use Apple or other Android devices. The KNOX EMM Premium Bundle combines Samsung’s cloud-based mobile device management console with a simpler version of KNOX Workspace, allowing you to draw a clear line between personal and business data and apps.

Provide secure device freedom

Choosing between BYOD and COPE will depend on your organization’s specific business needs. It may be cost prohibitive to provide every employee with a corporately-owned device. You may prefer to allow employees to use their devices of choice. Either way, you have a host of options available to you to provide device freedom while mitigating the mobile security risks.

For more information on addressing mobile security with Samsung KNOX, visit or contact your TELUS Account Manager.

Authored by:
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas