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Is your network about to fail you?

Tech Trends · Aug 17, 2018

Imagine a scenario where construction down the road results in your company’s internet connection being accidentally severed during your busiest time of year. Will your connection fail entirely? Do you have a redundant connection? If not, how will this affect your business? Will your staff be able to work and serve customer demands without access to the internet or your corporate network?

Every client we work with relies on the internet. Exploring how they depend on it and how it supports their business allows them to choose the right connectivity solution, with the right level of management and support.


Businesses care about availability

Most organizations consider availability to be the most important component of their managed business internet connection. It’s important to ask your executive and IT teams the following two questions: what do we expect from our internet provider if our service fails, and, what is our comfort level with downtime?

Guaranteed uptime

Availability is measured on a sliding scale, and the industry measures availability by a series of 9s. The TELUS Network as a Service solution provides a 99.9% service uptime guarantee (or three-9s) when delivered on TELUS managed or unmanaged internet, including TELUS PureFibre™ - the top rated internet technology for speed and reliability in Canada. This means that the service is designed to deliver downtime of less than 43 minutes and 49.7 seconds a month.

Redundant links

If a business requires availability higher than 99.9% for critical applications, there are options available which leverage redundant networks. This involves providing an alternate connection that serves as a backup in the event the primary link fails. TELUS Network as a Service offers two such options for increased redundancy.

Option 1: Wireless link

The first option involves implementing a backup wireless connection running on the TELUS cellular network. In the event of an outage, network connectivity will failover to Canada’s largest and fastest wireless network.

Option 2: Second physical link

The other option is to provide a second link that operates over separate physical cabling and infrastructure. If the primary link fails for any reason, then the second link will take over and continue to provide internet access to your business, eliminating any period of downtime.


Beyond availability

The importance of network management goes beyond availability. As employees use an increasing number of applications and services powered by the internet, the ability to monitor and configure your network for optimal performance, secure business critical information and share data becomes essential in your drive to outpace competitors and maximize market share. As your business adopts digital solutions which enhance collaboration capabilities, your network must scale to keep pace with the demands placed on it by an agile, decentralized workforce. With TELUS Network as a Service, your solution doesn’t simply run quietly in the background – it flexes to accommodate and secure your workforce wherever they are, whenever they need to be productive.

TELUS Network as a Service

TELUS offers a variety of network solutions with different levels of management to accommodate your unique business needs. TELUS Network as a Service is built in line with industry-leading standards for Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN). SD-WAN provides a highly cost-effective platform, created using the latest technology to deliver advanced monitoring and management services that were previously only available through high-end connectivity products like Dedicated Fibre Optic Business Internet. With the numerous benefits offered by TELUS Network as a Service, now is the perfect time to review your current service and ensure your business is equipped to thrive in an era of hyper-connected, always-on employees.

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