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Innovation is redefining the face of Canadian business

Tech Trends · Aug 17, 2017

The speed of change in today’s age of digital transformation is unmatched. The rules of business are no longer certain. For organizations to succeed, they need to be agile, embrace experimentation and reinvent the way in which they interact and connect with customers.

With this new mindset, TELUS has embarked on a journey incorporating innovation and experimentation into its playbook for the future. Examples of this include TELUS Connected Experience stores where customers can touch, test and play with new technologies, TELUS Innovation Centres showcasing current and future technologies in action, and the TELUS Digital team, which serves as both an incubator and accelerator for TELUS initiatives.

Creating the retail brand of the future

Customer experience is one of the defining factors of the digital transformation era. In building the retail brand of the future, we decided to tilt the axis on TELUS retail stores and create environments that are less about phones or plans, and more about connected digital life. While activation remains at the core, our new TELUS Connected Experience stores function as a hub to help customers learn about and engage with digital technologies that enhance lifestyle. To double down on the customer experience, we even changed our staffing model, recruiting representatives who have proven themselves in the new reality of retail.

Offering businesses a glimpse into the future

TELUS is demonstrating the art of the possible in technology and communications via our network of TELUS Innovation Centres in major cities across Canada. Customers can experience the power of our current and future innovations for themselves, and discover the exciting potential TELUS can bring to their business – today and tomorrow.

Where startup meets big business

To create real value, companies need to move easily from innovation to execution, driving long-term customer engagement. TELUS Digital is a group of small teams and guilds (specialty or practice areas) that connects the dots between digital products and services, and the marketplace.

One of the more established innovation teams in Canada, TELUS Digital is unique in that it functions as a startup within the larger TELUS entity. Being “small” means being agile. Where new product development can be slow, inefficient and costly, TELUS Digital has a lean, modular approach to designing, developing and testing everything digital at TELUS, often facilitating linkages among our diverse groups to leverage knowledge and results.

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Authored by:
Puja Subrun
Puja Subrun