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TELUS Business helps JFK Law modernize operations with cloud based applications

Managed IT · Apr 23, 2024

JFK Law: Creative legal solutions and meaningful change for Indigenous communities

JFK Law is a team of lawyers with offices in Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto that represents Indigenous communities throughout Canada. JFK Law is driven by a passion for justice, offers creative legal solutions and works towards meaningful change. Their areas of expertise include litigation and dispute resolution, consultation, accommodation and regulatory review, complex negotiations and economic development and governance.

With a team of experienced litigators, they help protect their clients’ rights through strategic litigation. They work alongside Indigenous communities to advance self-government, and help build strong and sustainable communities with a solid foundation for economic development.

The challenge

TELUS Business, operating at the time as BMC Networks, worked with JFK Law to create a technology roadmap and move their operations to the cloud. JFK Law was looking for an IT partner that could help them improve their users’ access to data. With physical servers and server-based applications located in JFK Law's Vancouver office, working remotely was a challenge for their team members. JFK Law was looking to move to a serverless environment that didn’t require accessing a remote desktop. 

According to Brian Mauch, a legal tech specialist and member of the TELUS Business team, most Canadian law firms are in the process of modernizing their IT infrastructure and critical business applications. These changes are driven by a variety of factors including: increased cloud adoption, ease of remote access, cybersecurity threats ‌and lack of vendor support for older legacy applications. However, "moving to the cloud" is not a simple process for law firms. Change management, application compatibility and user training all need to be taken into account, otherwise, user productivity will be negatively affected, as well as lawyers' ability to serve their clients efficiently and bill for their time.

The solution

We worked with JFK Law to create a technology roadmap, and helped them over a multi-year period to migrate to modern cloud-based applications, starting with Microsoft 365 and email, and later, their document management system. Our recommendation was to have all data stored in modern cloud-based applications, reducing the firm's reliance on aging server equipment and legal software applications. Migrations to cloud appli­cations included JFK Law accounting and document generation systems. Elements of the solution included:

Technology strategy services: Our virtual CIO worked with the JFK Law team to identify their business goals, and align those with their IT strategy. Their technology roadmap is reviewed and updated at semi-annual meetings conducted by TELUS Business.

“TELUS Business support is timely and effective and I particularly appreciate their strategic advice that has allowed us to move out of a reactive and into a proactive approach to our IT needs.”

Robert Janes, KC, Partner

Project services: Our project consultants implemented Microsoft 365 email and security services and seamlessly migrated JFK Law's existing Microsoft Exchange data. Our team also worked with document management application consultants to provide a smooth transition for JFK Law's users.

Managed technology services: Our help desk provides rapid-response support and experienced legal IT knowledge for JFK Law's users with day-to-day issues as they arise. We also manage other IT vendors for the firm, where and when required. TELUS managed technology services also include the backup, monitoring and maintenance of data and services required to optimize JFK Law's uptime and productivity.

We also implemented cybersecurity measures, including:

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): A measure that adds an extra layer of protection to JFK Law accounts by requiring multiple forms of verification to access them. MFA helps prevent unauthorized access to business accounts, even if the password is compromised.

Data encryption: It converts plain text or data into an unreadable format using an encryption algorithm. This is done to protect sensitive information from unauthorized interception. Encryption helps ensure that even if someone gains access to the encrypted data, they cannot understand or make sense of it without the decryption key, supporting the organization with the confidentiality and integrity of its data.

Identity management: This is a set of implemented policies used to manage and control digital identities within an organization, managing user identities, their authentication, authorization and access to resources, data and systems. It helps organizations maintain security, compliance‌ and operational efficiency.

TELUS Business has provided our growing law firm with the support we have needed since 2016. They have been instrumental in guiding us through developing IT systems and policies that effectively support our team of legal professionals working across the country and allowing us to seamlessly move into a virtual work environment.”

Robert Janes, KC, Partner

The results

The actions implemented helped align JFK’s business goals with their technology infrastructure.

With the firm’s data and operations fully migrated to the cloud, users were able to securely access JFK Law data and applications from any computing device, regardless of where they are, as long as they had internet access.

Implementing Microsoft 365 email and security services, helped provide JFK with a modern and secure email system, including features such as enhanced email security, spam filtering and advanced threat protection. 

By having a helpdesk team with a more direct focus in legal IT, ‌users receive timely assistance. Additionally, we’ve helped reduce the burden of vendor management for the firm, freeing up their internal resources to focus on other aspects of the business. In addition, the backup solutions put in place helped ensure that JFK’s data could be restored in case of data loss or system failure.

Overall, the measures we implemented helped JFK Law have more efficient IT support, enhanced account security, more protection for their sensitive information through encryption and improved security and compliance through effective identity management. These actions contributed to enhancing JFK Law’s cybersecurity, team communication and collaboration, productivity, and operational efficiency.

If you’d like to get more insights into the Canadian cybersecurity landscape and how this affects your law firm, as well as learn actionable strategies to help protect your firm, clients and staff against cyber threats, download our complimentary cybersecurity guide.

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