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How TELUS Business is helping Cambie Surgery Centre enhance their cybersecurity

Customer stories · Apr 16, 2024

Learn how this healthcare facility offers client-focused professional care and high levels of patient satisfaction

Located in Vancouver, B.C,
Cambie Surgery Centre
(CSC) is a multi-specialty surgical centre specializing in minimally invasive surgery, they were the first free-standing private hospital of its type in Canada and it is committed to provide surgical care to its patients since they opened in May 1996. CSC has been granted 'exemplary standing' from Accreditation Canada, in recognition of their high-quality services. 

The challenge

As a healthcare facility, CSC's priority is to maintain the highest standards in medical technology and patient care. Very early on they realized that maintaining excellence in IT infrastructure was necessary to achieve those goals. Faced with the challenge of upgrading their technology and systems, and to enable more collaboration in the cloud, they have benefitted from their partnership with TELUS Business’ managed IT solution, TELUS Fully Managed, to find the best path forward.
It can be overwhelming to keep track of IT needs on top of all the work required to run a surgical centre. I came to this company three years ago and understood the need to continuously monitor and update our IT infrastructure. I’ve relied on our TELUS Fully Managed account manager to provide specialist advice on how to manage the transition of all the IT equipment that runs in the background.”

Kirsty Carpenter, Executive Director at Cambie Surgery Centre

In a medical services organization, there are numerous interconnected systems, including HVAC, integrated systems‌ and other connected devices. Managing the complexity of these systems offers its own sets of challenges. 
CSC strives to continuously monitor and upgrade its servers and IT infrastructure, while ensuring their operations continue to run smoothly during any transitions. These upgrades also help proactively address potential security vulnerabilities and enhance

The solution

Having a trusted
managed IT
partner has made a difference. CSC has been a TELUS Fully Managed customer for over 20 years. Partnering with a managed service provider eliminated the need for specialized in-house technology support. 
Cambie continually upgrades its systems, including firewalls, and is prioritizing core applications as it transitions to a cloud-based environment.
Our Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) team created a tailored roadmap to suit Cambie's specific IT needs, moving away from older and less flexible systems,
upgrading aging computers
and starting a robust cybersecurity implementation that includes adding cloud backup and multi-factor authentication procedures. TELUS also completed a SharePoint migration to provide a more collaborative working setup.
By moving to the cloud, CSC can shut down their older servers, which helps to improve their overall system infrastructure, as cybersecurity is a crucial factor driving the need for those upgrades. Also, some applications that CSC used were reaching their end-of-life and soon will no longer receive support. To attend to those needs, our team has scheduled all the necessary upgrades. 
“Outsourcing our IT needs to a managed provider has helped us run a more streamlined operation. Even though I consider myself tech-savvy, I enjoy being able to rely on the TELUS team to educate me and help me to better understand our cloud services and servers.”

Kirsty Carpenter, Executive Director at Cambie Surgery Centre

The results

Businesses like Cambie face the challenge of staying competitive and efficient while navigating the complexities of technology in the healthcare space. The measures we are helping CSC implement are designed to enhance their IT infrastructure, streamline operations and ensure the security and adaptability necessary for the sustained success of their operations. 
Enhanced cybersecurity
: Understanding the importance of cybersecurity and implementing appropriate measures can help protect Cambie's sensitive data and systems from cyber threats. This includes implementing stronger firewalls, encryption, multi-factor authentication and regular security audits.
Enhanced IT infrastructure: By making the right technology upgrades, CSC can expect to have a more robust and efficient IT infrastructure, as TELUS is able to provide expertise in managing and maintaining the company's technology systems. Following the suggested technology upgrades can result in improved performance, security and compatibility. Upgrading hardware, software‌ and network infrastructure can help Cambie stay up to date with the latest advancements and a smoother operation.
Streamlined operations: Moving to
cloud-based solutions
can offer several benefits, including increased scalability, flexibility and cost savings. CSC will ‌have access to a wide range of cloud services and resources, enabling them to optimize their operations and enhance productivity.
Adaptation to technological changes: By staying updated with emerging trends and adopting relevant technologies, Cambie can remain competitive and meet the evolving needs of their clients.
Additionally, implementing these solutions can lead to improved efficiency and productivity, by freeing up their employees’ time, reducing overtime, while allowing management and employees to focus on what really matters for their business.
Not having the proper support for our applications and hardware could result in a devastating loss. The whole world is set up around technology and so are most of our processes. If our tech fails, we won't be able to work.

Kirsty Carpenter, Executive Director at Cambie Surgery Centre

Why TELUS Business was the clear choice

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner with decades of experience in IT, we provide companies with day-to-day IT management and support, cybersecurity services, cloud migration and technology strategy. Our Virtual CIO team develops business-aligned IT strategies to drive impact and help you get a higher return on investment. We handle your IT for you so you can get back to doing what you do best. Connect with a managed IT specialist today to learn how TELUS Business can help with your evolving IT needs.