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3 network strategy trends you need to know about

3 network strategy trends you need to know about

Tech Trends · Apr 19, 2017

In my recent blog posts, I talked about the 3 trends that you need to know right now because they could cause you to re-think your corporate network strategy. They are:

I believe these 3 trends will impact any business that has a reliance on IT. Keeping abreast of the impacts of such trends can help your business reduce cost, improve productivity, and increase business agility in your marketplace.

The new generation of 

 brings about many benefits. They piggyback on the growing footprint of cheaper broadband Internet access. More bandwidth and cheaper cost for your corporate network.

Often organizations buy two Internet connections to service a site. The SD-WAN service can then intelligently load-balance traffic across the two feeds. In the event of an outage, the SD-WAN can failover to the non-affected Internet. 


SD-WAN’s optimized support for connecting to cloud services ensures your organization can evolve and quickly introduce new capabilities as they become available in the market. The SD-WAN will always choose the most direct path to the cloud service, and end-to-end performance measures will ensure application responses are snappy over the network. 

Finally, the intelligent nature of the SD-WAN services means you can trust your network. The increased bandwidth and application aware dashboards mean you can trust that end-user experience will no longer be sluggish. The support for intelligent routing & failover across multiple Internet connections means you can trust that your network will remain active even if there is an Internet outage. 


For all these reasons, your organization may want to re-evaluate your corporate network strategies. If your organization is looking for more bandwidth, redundancy, or simply trying to simplify IT operations, SD-WAN solutions may be a good fit. The 

 combines all the capabilities detailed above and includes Internet failover leveraging TELUS wireless LTE backup. 
TELUS Network as a Service
 is secure and reliable, cloud-optimized, easy to use and cost effective. The benefits associated with the nature of this offering means that it is an excellent time to explore TELUS Network a Service, built on SD-WAN technologies, to enhance your organization.

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Authored by:
Bryan Ting
Bryan Ting