The AI Guild

Culture · 27 févr. 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a blazing hot topic in the tech world since the release of ChatGPT just over a year ago. When our leadership team first discussed the new tool at our All Hands last April, the session sparked a collective curiosity about AI, leaving us with a mix of emotions ranging from apprehension to cautious optimism and excitement for future possibilities.

Recognizing the need for a platform where everyone could openly discuss, learn and overcome any initial misgivings about AI, I eagerly volunteered to create a Slack channel encompassing everything on the topic. With the help of some colleagues, the community was launched TELUS-wide as the #G-AI-Guild and all were invited to join with this video.

The AI Guild was born

The purpose of our Slack channel is straightforward: to provide a dedicated forum for collaboration and knowledge sharing for AI enthusiasts at all levels within TELUS. With over 550 members currently, the #G-AI-Guild thrives as a platform for insightful discussions and news about the AI landscape with topics spanning emerging trends and breakthroughs to ethical and responsible AI considerations. The OpenAI drama, for instance, was discussed with more fervour than the Super Bowl – ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but you get the point. 

Who can join?

The AI Guild is inclusive and welcomes everyone. Whether a newbie or seasoned AI veteran, everyone’s unique perspective is always valued and encouraged. Our collaborative spirit fosters our collective growth and fuels the AI Guild's success.

What’s in it for team members?

  • Collaborate & share knowledge: We encourage team members to ignite discussions, share their learnings and explore cross-collaboration opportunities.

  • Boost productivity & efficiency: Team members are welcome to share their perspectives on using AI to boost productivity and creativity, or automate mundane tasks.

  • Promote responsible AI awareness: If someone is an ethical AI advocate, we need more of them. They can lead open discussions on ethical AI development, “bias detection” aka identifying bias in AI algorithms, promote simplified AI solutions, or simply connect with stakeholders to promote responsible AI practices.

No matter where team members’ interests lie, we encourage them to join the #g-ai-guild to collaborate, expand their horizons, and explore career possibilities. As our slogan goes – Join the Guild, be upskilled!

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Sunder Rajan
Agility Coach
Sunder is passionate about Organizational Behaviour, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Creativity. In his spare time, Sunder works with teens and helps them to cultivate public speaking and leadership skills.