What it means to be nominated for a CHLOE Award

Culture · 19 janv. 2022

This post kicks off a series on TELUS Digital team members who were nominated for the 2021 CHLOE Awards. CHLOE stands for Connections Honours Leaders of Excellence, and recognizes exceptional women and champions of diversity at TELUS. Recommended by their peers, CHLOE nominees are lauded for their contributions in one of the following categories:

  • Courage to Innovate

  • Emerging Leader

  • Community Champion

  • Leadership Excellence

  • Champion of Diversity

Being recognized by one’s colleagues is an incredible honour. In this series, we’ll be spotlighting nominees and the work that earned them this honour. Read on to find out what being nominated meant to them.

"Very proud to be recognized alongside some incredible women and allies in this organization. It meant a lot to read all the kind words from my colleagues and made me feel very valued." - Adrianne Yiu, People Manager, Organizational Change & Agility

"I was really moved by my nomination, it made me feel recognized and appreciated by my team and proud of what I’ve accomplished in my time here at TELUS. It is also reassuring to know that the choices you make on a daily basis are leading you on a path to success, and that people value those choices." - Amanda Alderman, Senior Business Systems Analyst - Digital Commerce

"I am deeply appreciative of those who nominated me. It also makes me proud of my achievements and encourages me to keep continue advocating for what I’m passionate about." - Ananta Modgil, Senior Product Owner - B2B

"Proud and grateful to be a part of such an incredible team that supports the growth of others and prioritizes recognition for delivering exceptional customer and team member experiences." - Brooke Cooper, Manager - Service Design

"I was beyond proud to be nominated by an amazing group of talented people from around the world. My team makes me want to continue to work towards bringing women of all backgrounds into different areas of technology. The nomination means that the work that I'm doing has an impact, not just on myself but the future of this industry. It might be small but it's forever changing." - Krystal Jackson, Operations Manager - Security, Reliability & Accessibility

"I am very honoured to have been nominated, given all the amazing women I work with every day, and also seeing the strong group of other nominees. I feel very proud and inspired to be included in that group." - Joanne Taggart, Manager - Personalization Centre of Excellence

"I am very thankful for and stoked that I get to work with such a great team everyday who push me to do my best and are kind enough to recognize me through a nomination.  Without the team I work with day to day I wouldn’t be able to achieve half the successes that we are able to deliver." - Shannon Sutton, Program Manager - Home Solutions

Headshot of Heidi Tsao
Heidi Tsao & colleagues
Profiling the diverse group of women who have been recognized by their peers for the great work they do