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Learn about important requirements and compatibility with the TELUS SmartHome Security service and products

Service eligibility

To use TELUS SmartHome Security products, you’ll need high speed internet service to support outdoor camera use and to be within the TELUS Mobility HSPA coverage area. Visit our Coverage Map to find out if you qualify. Final eligibility for the services will be determined by a TELUS representative.

Compatibility with your existing security system

Which security system are you installing?

Note: If you have an existing security system and would like to re-use the devices, there’s a good chance we can “take over” your existing security system.

Installed before 2019
Hardwire security system; 2GIG GC2 security system; Honeywell 5800 security system
Installed after 2019
Qolsys security system; Interlogix security system

Note: These lists are not exhaustive. If you’re not sure what type of security system you have, please contact us and our technicians will assess your system at time of install.

Custom security systems

If you are outside of the coverage map range or looking for a specific security feature for your home, call the TELUS Custom Security System team at 1-855-909-8277. We can assist with the following features:

  • Hardwired system or hardwired smoke sensor
  • Continuous video recording
  • 5 or more partitions
  • A specific panel other than 2GIG or Qolsys IQ2
  • Alternative to wireless system because TELUS cell coverage is unavailable

Guard response

Guard Response is a service which sends a certified and trained guard to the customer’s home to verify whether an intrusion alarm is a true event or a false alarm. Guard Response is available in select locations. Click here for more information.

Municipal alarm permits

Most cities require an alarm permit. For details and to secure a permit, visit your city’s website.

Some municipalities require you to have a permit in place by the time of your installation. Please reach out to your local municipality to ensure you are set up for success during the install.

For more information, visit Municipal alarm permits.

Qualifying for the SmartHome Security mobile & home discounts

How do I qualify for the $10/month mobile discount for the term on my SmartHome Security Plan?

You must have a TELUS Mobility account in your personal name or be an authorized user on your account. KOODO or PC Mobile accounts do not qualify for the discount.

How do I qualify for the $10/month home discount for the term on my SmartHome Security Plan?

You must have one or more home services with TELUS including: Home phone and/or PIK TV and/or Optik TV and/or High Speed Internet.

Financing SmartHome Security devices

Financing is available on devices $50 and up over 36 or 60 months depending on the length of your SmartHome Security term.

Home insurance and energy savings

Home insurance

Home insurance providers typically offer discounts when security systems are installed. Discounts range from 5 - 20%.


With a smart thermostat installed, expect to save up to 6% on your heating bill. Savings will be greater if you also have light and energy management systems in place.


Water damage makes up the majority of home insurance claims. Prevent costly water damage and save on repairs by installing flood sensors around your home.

Switching security providers

Interested in learning more about TELUS SmartHome Security plans, but have an existing contract with another provider? Please contact us to understand your options. We will not pay out existing contracts, however, we have very competitive offers, which may offset any expenses you incur leaving your current provider.

Additional fees

For information on additional fees, such as false alarm fees, alarm permit fees and guard dispatch and grounding fees, visit

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