Création d’un compte Télé Optik

Everything you’ll need to successfully set up your Optik TV account

An Optik TV account is a TELUS credential that gives you access to the Optik TV app when you are using a web browser or Android tablet/smartphone. Follow the steps below to set up your account from your digital box, download the app on your Android mobile device and complete your registration.

iOS tablet/smartphone and Apple TV users need the My TELUS credential to log in to the Optik TV app. To create your My TELUS account, visit

What you need

  • Access to an active email account
  • Optik TV digital box
  • Web browser or Android tablet/smartphone with an Internet connection
  • Optik TV app

Set up an account using your Optik TV digital box at home

Using your Optik TV remote:

  1. Select Apps/Applications
  2. Navigate to Optik account
  3. Select Create account. You will be prompted to enter your email address and will receive a confirmation email shortly after

Install the Optik TV app

Please visit the Google Play Store on your mobile device to download the Optik TV mobile app. Alternatively, you can access the Optik TV app from your web browser at


Optik TV account registration

Complete your Optik TV account registration from within the Optik TV app.

  1. From your email inbox, locate and open the confirmation email
  2. Write down the confirmation code you have received
  3. Launch the Optik TV app on your Android smartphone/tablet or through a web browser
  4. Enter your email address and the confirmation code
  5. You will be prompted to create a password and a security question. You are now ready to start watching

For more details (including available channels and a features video), visit

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