Optik TV App on Apple TV

Features, functions and facts about the Optik TV Apple TV app

Features, requirements and restrictions

Watch live TV and access a huge On Demand library of TV shows, movies and documentaries on your Apple TV.

Optik TV offers up to 185 channels, with 164 of them available in-home and out-of-home and the remaining 21 available in-home only. The number of available channels may differ depending on your geographical location.

Requirements and restrictions

  • Subscription to Optik TV and live channels required. Licensing and rights limitations mean that not all programs and channels are available on the go. Online access for some channels requires TELUS Internet service
  • My TELUS username and password is required to log in to this service
  • The app can only be used in Canada on select devices within wireless network coverage areas. Data charges may apply for mobile service outside Wi-Fi coverage
  • Airplay is not supported due to content provider restrictions

Supported devices

Below is the list of officially supported Apple devices, though you may be able to use the app on devices not listed.

Supported Apple TV devices

  • 4th generation +

Install the Optik TV app

Please visit the App Store on your Apple TV to download the Optik TV app.

To log in, you must use your My TELUS username and password. Don’t have My TELUS? Register now.


Most content is available in 720P. However, some live channels are available in 1080P. We are working towards adding more high-quality content soon.

Note: 4K content is not available.

Accessibility features

Closed captioning and described video can be turned on for any program or movie that the content providers have enabled them on.

How to turn on closed captioning (CC) or described video (AD)

During live or VOD playback: When watching live or on demand, swipe down on your remote to bring up the CC/AD options. Select Closed captioning and/or Audio description to turn it on. To turn it off, tap it again.

Through settings: On the top bar select Settings and then Audio settings. Tap Enable closed caption and/or Enable audio description to turn it on and it will change to say Disable closed caption. Once active, to turn it off tap it again.

The updated app allows you easy access to your content from any screen with the addition of the bottom bar navigation available on all screens.

  1. On the top bar select Search
  2. Enter the movie, TV series or cast name you are looking for:
  • TV series or movie: Select the title you are looking for and it will bring you to the series or movie page which includes both live and on demand options for your title
  • Cast search: Will provide a list of available live or on demand titles

Series page

On the series page for a TV program you can see all the available content for On Demand and live programming.

Live TV

  • All Optik TV customers have access to the live and On Demand content included in their subscription, as long as it is available on the go
  • Licensing and rights limitations mean that not all programs and channels are available to watch on the go
  • Some channels are only available when connected to your home TELUS Internet service due to content provider restrictions
  • You cannot rewind, pause or fast forward a live program at this time.

Channel guide

From any screen select the Guide button on the bottom bar to bring up the guide. The channels you are subscribed to will appear.

There are 3 channel views available. You can use the Filter by menu option (under "All categories") to choose the view that you prefer.

  1. Playable on this device (default): Includes all channels in your package that is playable on the device.
  2. Subscribed: Includes all channels in your package, though not all may be playable on your device.
  3. All channels: Includes all channels available on Optik TV, including those you are not subscribed to. You can visit telus.com/myaccount to subscribe to additional channels

Changing channels during live playback

During playback you are able to change channels by using a mini-guide accessible by swiping down on your remote:

To change channels, scroll horizontally and select the program you wish to watch.

On Demand programming

You are able to access all On Demand programming that is part of your subscription and available on the go.

TV shows On Demand: You can pause, fast forward or rewind On Demand TV content, but the features may be disabled on select programming by the provider.

Movies On Demand: You can rewind, pause or fast forward a movie On Demand.

Rent or purchase an On Demand movie

  1. Select the On Demand tab
  2. Browse the categories and find a movie to rent or buy
  3. Select the movie poster and the details screen will appear
  4. Select the version you wish to purchase and an option will appear to confirm rental or purchase. Once you confirm, the film will start playing automatically


  • Pay-per-view titles are not available through the app
  • Movies rented on your TV can take up to 30 minutes to appear in the app. Not all titles are available on all devices
  • Movies rented using the app can take up to 30 minutes to appear on your Optik TV digital boxes

Binge-watching bar

The Optik Apple TV binge bar will allow you to watch your series uninterrupted or jump between episodes.

To select another episode in the same season, tap on Episodes during playback.

When the binge prompt to go to the next episode will pop up on your playback screen, you can choose to jump to the new episode by selecting the play button or dismissing by selecting the X.

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