Norton Security Online explained

Learn more about the virus protection software and how it could benefit you

What is Norton Security Online and why should I use it?

As part of your TELUS Internet package, you are eligible to add Norton Security Online software. Install it on your personal devices to protect them against online threats such as viruses, spyware, ransomware and phishing.

Your personal and private information is extremely valuable. Norton Security Online helps keep it private, protect it and defend your hardware to guarantee your peace of mind and freedom every time you go online.

Order yours today.

What Norton Security Online Packages do you offer?

TELUS offers the following two packages:





30 day free trial available


# of protected devices

Up to 10

Up to 2

Supported platforms

Windows, Macintosh, IOS and Android

Windows, Macintosh, IOS and Android

Install or upgrade Norton Security Online

Norton Security Online features

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