Netflix in your Optik TV package

Enhance your Optik TV experience with Netflix

Getting premium content is now easier than ever. Netflix can now be added right in to your Optik TV package and TELUS will pay the monthly subscription fee for the customer. Not only does this save the customer money but they will also receive an upgrade to a Netflix Premium plan and existing Netflix subscribers can keep their current account.

What’s included with a Netflix subscription

When you select Netflix as part of your Optik TV package, you’ll automatically be upgraded to a Premium Netflix subscription. A Premium subscription with Netflix is the highest tier plan which provides:

  • Unlimited viewing on up to four screens at a time
  • Access to 4K HDR, HD and SD content
  • Video download on four devices or tablets

Learn more about Optik TV and Netflix integration.

Signing up for Netflix in an Optik TV package

For new Optik TV customers, you can sign up for Optik TV and add Netflix as your Premium Content selection.

For existing Optik TV customers, you can migrate to a new Optik TV package by signing-in to your My TELUS account. Once there, select the Optik TV tab at the top of the page, then select Build a new combo and follow the directions on screen. If you have not created a My TELUS account, you’ll be able to create one at the sign-in.

Alternatively, you can contact us for support by phone, email, in-store or chat.

Netflix activation and account linking instructions

Once you select Netflix in your Optik TV package, you’ll get an email from TELUS to activate your account. This will be sent to the email address on file with TELUS. In the email, you’ll be directed to follow the link to login to your myTELUS account, scroll down to the Premium Content section, then select Link my Netflix account, and you will be directed to Netflix’s site to complete account setup.

If you’re new to Netflix, you’ll be asked to create an account using the email address that you provided to TELUS. Save your sign-in information as you will need this for accessing Netflix on other devices.

If you are an existing Netflix subscriber, you’ll be asked to validate your email address and password, and confirm if you would like to activate it with TELUS. If the email address provided does not match your Netflix account email, you can sign-in with your correct email to activate your account with TELUS.

Alternatively, if you have a 4K digital box, you can activate right on Optik TV. Simply launch the Netflix App on your Optik 4K digital box and follow the directions on screen to activate and link your account to TELUS.

You’re all ready to go. If you have not previously signed in to Netflix on Optik TV, do so now using the account information you activated with TELUS.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve never signed up for Netflix before. What’s the process?

Once you add Netflix to your Optik TV package, you’ll be sent an email with instructions on how to create an account and activate it with Optik TV. You’ll be able to use this account to access Netflix on other devices.

I already have a Netflix account, can I connect it to my Optik TV package?

Yes. When you add Netflix to your Optik TV package, you’ll be sent an email with activation instructions. After signing-in to your My TELUS account, scroll down to the Premium Content section and select Link my Netflix account, you’ll be directed to Netflix to activate your account with Optik TV. Alternatively, you can activate on your current Netflix subscription by accessing the Netflix App on your Optik TV 4K digital box.

If I’m existing Netflix subscriber, does anything change with my Netflix account once I activate with Optik TV (My List, Preferences, etc)?

No changes will be made to your My List, your Profiles, or other preferences. You will, however, be upgraded to a Netflix Premium plan automatically.

Will my Netflix still work on other devices if I have it as part of my Optik TV package?

Yes. Activating Netflix with Optik TV does not impact your ability to watch Netflix on your laptop, phone, or any other streaming device.

If I don’t have Netflix as part of my Optik TV package, can I still use Netflix with Optik TV?

Yes, but you will be responsible for billing directly with Netflix using a payment method of your choice.

Now that Netflix is included in my Optik TV package, will Netflix still use my internet bandwidth?

Yes. This does not change if you have Netflix as part of your package or not. Learn more about data consumption with Netflix.

My email address on account with TELUS is different than the one for my Netflix account. Can I still activate?

Yes. You’ll be prompted to confirm your email address when you activate, and if it’s incorrect you can sign in with your current Netflix account email.

Why was my email address provided to Netflix?

If you add Netflix as part of your Optik TV package, your email will be sent to Netflix in order to set up your Netflix account and ease account setup. This will only be used for provisioning and setup of your Netflix account. This is outlined in our Customer Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions for Optik TV. For more information about what information is collected and shared by TELUS, please review The TELUS Privacy Commitment.

How does billing work for Netflix?

As part of the new Optik TV package, TELUS offers Third-Party Billing for subscription services like Netflix.

I was billed twice by both Netflix and TELUS for my subscription. What do I do?

The cause of the double billing was due to signing-up for Netflix as part of your Optik TV package without completing the activation steps, as your Netflix payment method was not linked to TELUS yet. For any Netflix account inquiries, please see the Netflix Help Center:

Billing for my Optik TV package and Netflix subscription overlaps. Can I get a partial refund?

As TELUS pro-rates billing for the remaining days in the month, any overlapping bill inquires can be directed to Netflix via their Help Center:

What if I want Netflix to be billed directly to me (through Netflix, not TELUS)?

If you want to be billed directly for Netflix, remove Netflix from your Optik TV package. Once you do, you can change you payment preferences with Netflix directly.

Can I take Netflix “à la carte” on top of an Optik TV package and be billed by TELUS?

This option is currently not available. You can enroll and manage your subscription (billing) directly with Netflix. Once you have a Netflix account set up, you can sign in and access Netflix through Optik TV.

Can I take a lower Netflix subscription plan instead of Premium as part of my Optik TV package?

No. A Premium subscription is the top tier for Netflix and gives you the flexibility you need to watch Netflix across all TV screens in your home.

If I move, does this impact my Netflix subscription?

No, as long as your Optik TV service continues at your new address. If Optik TV is not available at your new address, you’ll receive an email from Netflix to update your payment method.

If I downgrade or disconnect my Optik TV services, how will it impact my Netflix subscription?

If you downgrade to Optik TV Essentials, Lite, a package without premium content, or disconnect your Optik TV service, you’ll receive an email from Netflix asking you to update your payment method. TELUS will no longer manage your payment should you downgrade or cancel.

I think I created a new Netflix account by accident, or misspelled my email address. How do I activate my proper Netflix account?

Contact us and we’ll help re-authenticate you to your proper account. We will need to disconnect your incorrect account and re-authorize to your proper account. You’ll receive the Netflix activation instructions again where you’ll be able to connect your proper account.

Can I use Netflix gift cards with Optik TV?

No, but you can still use your gift cards. Remove Netflix from your Optik TV package, then apply the gift cards as a payment method with Netflix directly. Once the gift cards are used, you can re-add your Netflix subscription back with TELUS.

I think someone is using my Netflix account without my authorization. What do I do?

Contact us and we’ll help re-authenticate and secure your account.

How do I remove Netflix subscription from my Optik TV package?

You can remove your Netflix subscription through your My TELUS Account. You’ll be responsible for updating your payment method with Netflix after this point. If you wish to cancel your Netflix account altogether, remove it from your Optik TV subscription, then log in to your Netflix account to cancel your subscription.

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