Home phone service rate updates

Home Phone Service rate change

Posted January 1, 2016

The cost of providing TELUS Home Services continues to increase as we continue to upgrade our networks and services. We are doing our best to keep rate increases as moderate as possible, while constantly working to improve the service with better speed, reliability and functionality. We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive Canada’s best home services experience.

Starting on March 2, 2016, TELUS is changing the regular monthly rate for some Home Phone services.

  • The CRTC has approved an inflationary rate increase in High Cost Serving Areas (HCSA) by an average of $0.55
  • TELUS Home Phone Forborne (non-regulated areas) will increase by $2/mo
  • Loyalty Home Phone will increase by $3/mo
  • TELUS Home Phone $7 discount will decrease by $2/mo to $5/mo

The new rate will appear on March bills. For details on how you might be affected by these rate changes, please see the message included on the last page of your bill.

For an electronic copy of your bill, login to your TELUS Home Services account and select Download/Print on your TELUS e.Bill page.

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